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    Let me try to translate: After establishing a base which is satisfying every basic need, players usually want to perform larger scale of base expansion or exploration, I would like preferring to build, building more secondary bases and smoothing the road to connect them like a pearl. In some save files (Some of them were deleted carelessly), I spent 9 hours to construct a terrestrial planet highway to connect 2 colossal bases and 3 minutes to travel. Although the result is delightful, I was exhausted. Therefore I would like to suggest game developer could add some tools for players who like to build. For example: Pillars, box girders for bridges, ring-shaped tiles for tunnels (appear in modern subway architecture), these items can be produced by the current workshop. Adopt larger workshop if there is a larger component.
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    Screenshots Megathread

    First time on Astroneer, when I consider the first home on the planet is quite disorganized, I decided to create a new home elsewhere. At first, it just looks like a forward camp and now becomes a self-sufficient base for hours of resources gathering.