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  1. post patch notes same day as patch. these forums are the first place i look for notes and i all most never fraking find them.
  2. Seems almost every time there is a update i got to look for patch notes . Use the fraking subfolder called patchnotes P.S. fraking post the patchnotes, when green lighting the stream patch. maybe ?
  3. yo ho all cannot find patch notes for Hotfix 223. Twitter Message was nice, but patchnotes would be better.
  4. As one person. The tuning up that´s happing is the wrong step. How about you turn on Hardcore mode. (Ups forgot. They still have to code it.) I spend around 50-60 hours a week at work so i can put food on my families table. I want to play a good game that makes me happy. I have to deal with enough stuff in other parts of my life that i want to enjoy the 10 + hours that i can spent on a game. If your gameplay is too easy for you. Then you got to set your self some goal. For example donot use the printer at all. Use only 1 set of Tethers. Donot annoy people as on
  5. yo ho i used to be able to find a lot of research under plants or stone pillars now they are gone. i had to restarted the game half a dozen times to get a starting point where there was at least some research on trees. But there also seems to be a plroblem. 80% + of the trees where i was usually able to get research are now empty. Did a Patch break the game ? looking for some info. best wishes alex