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  1. Corrupted dirt that radiates once you uncover special research, It could drain power from your player and vehicles making mining harder in that area. The more I play the game the more I would like obstacles that slow my progress that aren't mundane or random encounter. Avoiding the current "Enemies" are too easy after you see them once, but if there is a research that you could only get from a certain plant that poses a long term threat that would be pretty cool.
  2. I noticed after I posted this, I searched the forum for meteors and nothing came up at first and after that i searched just tags and regretted posting this. Can't remove so sorry if i stole some shine from you brother.
  3. TLDR: meteors/asteroid that supply resources but also pose a major threat.
  4. Meteors With the inclusion of Dynamite! makes me think of base destroying. I could see a disaster of random or maybe with playtime you have a higher chance of encountering ore rich asteroids that may impact with your base or your ship in space. With the lack of "late game" danger [once you see how something is gonna kill you for the most part you can avoid it] there could be some sort of impending doom of planet destroying meteors that looms over you.