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  1. I'd like to be able to configure how fast the terraforming tool works. For configuration, I'm thinking holding E while scrolling could control the speed, maybe 3 to 5 preset speeds. Basically, I feel it's both too slow and too fast. When I'm trying to make special ramps or trying to make my base looks nice, it's way too fast. But sometimes, I'm trying to dig really fast and it's too slow.
  2. It seems that of our group of 4 people, usually at least one person can see it, but basically never the person that sent it off.
  3. Sometimes after joining a friend, I can't use my mouse on the "launch/dropship" screen, but I can get the drop to happen with my keyboard. After that, mouse works fine.
  4. The first time I noticed this, there was a partial aluminum ore (lidite, or something like that?) in one of the "input" slots. It mostly wasn't an issue as I could use the rest of the slots. (Although when using all 3 slots at once, it ate 2 of my aluminum, only got 1) Thing is, it eventually tried processing the partial ore, and outputted a partial aluminum, effectively breaking the smelter permanently. While I have no clue what you would need to do to fix this kind of bug, could we get maybe temporary workaround? Maybe a keybind that will reset the state of whatever platform we'r
  5. Maybe they're supposed to, but it's definitely not reliable. My aluminum went missing, I definitely searched high and low.