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    Is it me or are storms more frequent now?

    Haven't been to the other worlds yet in the new update, but on Terran they are more frequent. They are also more frequently only on the horizon and less aiming for your location. I don't mind them being more frequent when they are actually going over different areas of the world. Watching a storm pass by is rather pleasant.
  2. AstroSamson920

    For if you have trouble storing loads of stuff

    This is pure inspiration. Rather lends to a workshop appearance, to be sure. Just need the babyfood jars full of doodads hanging under the shelves.
  3. AstroSamson920

    Soil and terraforming

    Another thing to take into consideration as far as soil collection and the containers is how structures are built now. Any new extensions no longer include the black stone to support it. Instead it is up to the player to provide a surface upon which to place smelters, printers, and the like. That does increase the demand for soil, as well. Some starting locations can put one in a precarious position such as on a cliff edge, requiring even more soil than usual. I definitely appreciate what the developers are going for as far as the challenge of the main survival game, but there should be some consideration towards even a bit of desire of creativity during even a survival game. All work and no play makes an astroneer a dull explorer. I rather like @Baconthepig's suggestion of expanding the soil container's capacity. If it means we have to designate select areas as quarries to collect soil from then that actually suits me. Quarries could always be repurposed later for interesting constructions. It does seem rather a disservice to create so many tools(like the narrow mod) for a brush and not provide a creative mode, as well, to really explore their potential. I hope the devs are serious about adding that.
  4. Just have to refer to the Patch Notes: Apparently it is currently intentional that Large Platforms provide Oxy, but that will change. @Qbert987 Bear in mind that your character receives oxygen through a thin thread of hard light strung on tethers. So I have to question why a black cord that is larger than the thread is less plausible than a huge tube that is rather oversized for its task. If you haven't yet, make sure to research Extenders and tinker with their use of adding an extension between cables. I have a thought of joining two platforms over a canyon or gorge.
  5. AstroSamson920

    Vehicle physics solved?!

    Well, mine are more rooted to the ground to be sure. As in they feel like they are actually digging into the ground when driving.
  6. AstroSamson920

    My Astroneer appears to have lost his DHD

    I'm not one to usually respond to a mod in such a way, but I feel it really needs to be said: There's this thing that some of us players's called imagination. You may have heard of it.
  7. AstroSamson920

    My Astroneer appears to have lost his DHD

    It's O'Neill with two L's. The other guy only traveled through one gate and was much more serious. With more planets coming, we could use stargates to travel to different systems with different varieties of planets.
  8. AstroSamson920

    "Patch 182" - May 26, 2017

    As Zorg would say, "My favorite." Starting a new world would bum me out knowing the next time I loaded it, a lot of stuff would just be bleached. (Warning: Likely won't fix pre-update saves. My old saves still have bleached organic structures. But I also tested with a new save and everything remained colorful. Both after a Quit to Menu and Quit to Desktop)
  9. There is a lot of work planned for the research system, and there are going to be bumps on the road. Please remember the game is still so early on in development. I am with you on more needing to be done, but I do believe that there is going to be more done. If I didn't think that, I wouldn't even be here anymore. It is not going to go back to the way it was because that method in itself had its issues. Mostly by making things too easy. Without challenge, there really is no game and no motivation to even want to explore the other worlds. Keep in mind this subject has been brought up time and time again. It is not being ignored. If you really do care, here is the place to give some constructive feedback. Share some ideas to how it might make more sense. @Darkestnature's idea is a good way to go, especially at this point at development. Since the game is in an Alpha state, there is not going to be too much done towards patching memory holes, which can cause steady degradation in performance the longer you continue a play session. Right now is pretty much a time to add in features and get them a bit more organized, such as research. I am sure System Era will take time now and then to bugfix and optimize, but that can't be done too often as that in itself requires a lot of time and work. We are part of Early Access. Feedback about bugs and features is what comes with that. If you truly want to see this addressed, you have to do more than just point out that research is not working out for you. Research isn't anybody's preference as it is right now. But the developers have stated that what is in the works right now is towards an idea that they have that should work much more effectively. It is just going to have to be worked on piecemeal because for one thing, there are a lot of features yet to be included that will include using research to get. It's not easy being patient. Astroneer is a fun game and we all want to see what becomes of it. But only through patience will we eventually get there. Rushing anything will only ruin the overall experience. A fair amount of AAA titles have been ruined because of developers being rushed. Nobody wants to see Astroneer suffer the same fate.
  10. AstroSamson920

    My Opinion

    Honestly, I don't see anything said that must be respected. You pretty much posted a flamebait post and stated you expect to get negative reactions to it. Was there any constructive intent to this? I'm not seeing anything to that effect.
  11. AstroSamson920

    Anyone researched Oxygen Tanks recently?

    "Oxygen" is actually just a placeholder for a future research feature.
  12. AstroSamson920

    Open Question: Could you NOT trade Hydrazine?

    Of course. I could have used organic to achieve that. But I refrained from it because it meant altering the terrain around my base and making it ugly. To the second question, probably not. Since the new update I have already gotten better at exploring, as I believe was one of the preferred side effects of the changes made. So I would not fall back to it. For one thing, titanium yields a better exchange.
  13. AstroSamson920

    Open Question: Could you NOT trade Hydrazine?

    Back when I was abusing hydrazine to get the other resources through trade, it was with just one fuel condenser. Limiting the ability to construct is rather harsh, and in a sandbox game problematic, especially when you take multiplayer into account. Do you honestly expect a group that wants to do a challenge to set up bases on four separate worlds simultaneously to wait at a single fuel condenser like people in a food line? So you want to remove the ability to construct pylons from a shuttle or spaceship, too? No. Limiting anything like these would be a suicide move by the developers. We want Astroneer to be better than No Man's Sky. Not worse.
  14. AstroSamson920

    I finally figured out how to navigate via the "star band"

    Congratulations, you just became a Polynesian sailor. You're welcome. That is something I am honestly hoping is just a placeholder for now. The sky, I mean. Having the galactic plane(star band), plus some definable constellations would be pretty sweet.
  15. AstroSamson920

    Open Question: Could you NOT trade Hydrazine?

    Just going to throw this out here......I have often wondered what the trade rocket runs on to go out and come back with. Why not make it necessary to provide a hydrazine or two in order to be able to make a trade happen? I am fine with hydrazine being non-currency for trading. I abused it to the point where I didn't even bother to see what I could get with other resources, and since the switch happened, it's been rather nice to try something else.