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  1. koondad

    New Balls

    zebra ball meets disco ball
  2. koondad

    Debris Smelting

    I think that with all the wreckages you can find on the surface, there could be an incentive to collect the scraps, winch or otherwise, and have a way to smelt these pieces of debris into crafting materials such as aluminum and copper. This would help give explanation to finding these metals on planets that would normally not have them and this would be the only way of procuring them.
  3. koondad


    There were a lot of cool models they showed off, and a ton of mystery that they aren't You can catch the stream again on youtube: *Disclaimer, the video is 4 hours long!
  4. koondad


    In the recent Dev Live stream they worked on modeling content for the game, and Adam was quick to hide these objects when he realized they were "Spoilers" To me they look like new resources, or potentially "energy" sources such as the bottom right suggests (oxygen and energy nuggets) I am most interested in the octahedron shaped models
  5. koondad

    Quick Tech Tree

    you can also find small batteries, O2 tanks, and dynamite on dead bodies inside deep caves
  6. koondad

    Thermal Vent Energy Source And Pipelines

    i was also thinking that these vents would eventually be used for water production when they introduce hunger/thirst it would be interesting to see multiple uses for single objects such as these
  7. koondad

    So... Are we even human in this game?

    they explicitly stated in one of their developer streams that they intend to keep it as ambiguous as possible so that you can be whatever you want to be underneath the suit
  8. koondad

    This game is beyond awful

    It's not even beta, its not even alpha, it's Pre-Alpha so no, I don't think you get it.
  9. koondad

    A compass sort of item

    if you stand still there is already a compass that will show at the base of your feet
  10. koondad

    Stuck in seat

    the latest patch should have fixed this issue
  11. koondad

    I found a duck

    you may want to check your oxygen levels
  12. koondad

    Special attribute for each different astronaut?

    while this might be an entertaining idea, I think the plan is full customization of your astroneer, so this couldn't work see roadmap: https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-road-map-planning
  13. koondad

    Actual Suit Upgrade

    Maybe your suit should require a specific upgrade in order to live safely on certain planets? like a heat resistant suit in order to survive on irradiated, or a thicker, cold resistant suit for Tundra and the like without these suits, landing on those planets will very much kill you quickly, requiring the player to prepare adequately enough before venturing to these planets. It would make travelling to distant planets a bit slower than it currently is, as right now all you need is a spaceship and you can go pretty much wherever you want with enough fuel, this would be sort of like another requirement for certain planets. This addition should update the planets by telling the player what the conditions are if you are hovering over them with your mouse while in orbit. I could see these suits being required to use astronium (rare unused resource at the moment) to build
  14. koondad


    yeah the orange dead guy seems to be glitched really freaked me out inside this dark cave
  15. koondad

    Satellite Mini Game

    Wont let me edit but coming back from another planet / load session has kind of glitched the satellite dish, it is frozen in air. but heres the underside of the satellite dish