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  1. I came across some resources that can't be mined/gathered because they are stuck in what seems to be solid rock (not mineable). Digging under the rock doesn't make it fall or despawn. Not sure if this is a bug or not (might be done on purpose). I am playing the Steam version.
  2. Had a planet passing by today (feb 17, playing on the latest patch!), maybe it broke after impact with the moon I was on. I don't know if this is supposed to happen or not. Here are some screenshots: I am playing the Steam version.
  3. I don't know how or why but I can drag an infinite amount of cables out of the winch and attach them to air (nothing). They will not reset or go away no matter what I click. I tried resetting the cords, picking up the winch, driving out of render distance and coming back... nothing works. There also isn't any stretch on the cables anymore (so I cannot use the item how it should be used.) Some hilarious screenshots: I am playing the Steam version.
  4. It's rather annoying that once you place something on a vehicle at the vehicle bay it's permanent. No way to edit things or undo when you messed up. Especially when you put something on while the vehicle was upside down (this shouldn't be possible), like the 1-seat for the spaceship (it will get placed on the wrong half of the ship). Screenshots as illustration. I am playing the Steam version.
  5. I just finished researching an object, and it was scrolling through the blueprints/recipes (the blue holograms). After it was done scrolling I heard a pop sound but nothing showed (no letters, no new crafting recipe). The object I researched disappeared. I don't know if it's possible that I unlocked all crafting recipes but then I think you should still get a resource out of it. I am playing the Steam version.
  6. When you get back to a previously visited point that has items or vehicles laying on the ground, those items will spawn back in as soon as you enter the render distance. This causes you to see for example a truck or researchable material that was standing/laying on the ground pop in on your screen and jump up and fall back down. The annoying thing is that when I got back to my base, I saw my spaceship jumping up on its own because of this. It flew for a couple of seconds to then crash into the ground head first. It was still stationed at my vehicle bay but now I can't do anything with it anymore. This issue can also be annoying when objects are laying still on a slope/ not a flat surface, because after the popping they will roll down and you might lose track of where they are. Reloading game objects in a different way or saving more parameters in memory may solve this issue. I am playing the Steam version.
  7. When you dig a hole and collect all the resources in one place, the name of those resources (that hovered over that spot) will disappear. Upon (re)loading the game however, the name will show up again even though there's nothing left.
  8. Not being able to pick up unfinished stacks of resources is a pain! It renders inventory slots on your crane and smelter useless as you can't remove them or try adding to them. Enabling to pick them up and making sure incomplete stacks on the ground despawn after a while would resolve this issue. I am playing on the Steam version.