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    Can't turn on game

    I'm encountering a problem with turning on the game after the official release of it. Every time I turn on the game the cinematic plays and I cant skip it, and after around 30 seconds(usually its after the scene with the spaceship) my computer just turns off(everytime). I cant skip the cinematic for some reason(as of writing this post) nor can I change the settings in case its my PC'c issue, although Radeon software says I have more then enough to run this game. When in late alpha I recall having high graphics settings but I couldnt change them while the cinematic played.
  2. -More storage- building wich has 8(4x2) connectors, opens placed storage, optionally if you connect to it a vehicle you can pull items from it by pushing a button. I think it should be like late to end game thing. -terrain flattener- 1 new attachment to crane that are better and bigger version of flatten function of your terrain shaper (CTRL). And its main purpose is to use it with next idea for it to make sense -level- tool that shows how much verticality has the tarrain wich level was placed on(shows if a wall is truly upwards, and if ground is at an angle) when attached to terrain flattener it can be used to make ground that is flat and would not start flying in the air after extending it for 5 minutes, and wall that are 90 degrees to te floor -gyroscope-when vehicles start to roll it applies force that helps vehicle land on its wheels -reaserch exclusive to planets- make certain research exclusive to a planet, so you cant just sit entire time on terra and get everything there.