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  1. Top Astroneer

    Xbox one 0.2.10109.0 crashed

    Me too gtag is ALL DONE HERE
  2. Top Astroneer


    Unfortunately with the new update I think you have to start a new game. I had the same problem.
  3. Top Astroneer

    Xbox one 0.2.10109.0 crashed

    A few things that I can see right off the bat while playing on this new update.... 1. The terrain doesn't pop fast enough as the truck can drive. Player always ends up falling into a canyon or hole to a cave. 2. Truck is a little too bouncy ending with the player flipping it over multiple times. With the game saving every time the player jumps into the truck, I find after so many times the game crashes.....
  4. So since the recent update I tried going back into a older world before the update and I have noticed that the bugs still exist. So I started a new world and I find that I'm having a much better experience since the updates are able to take place and be more effective. Please make it possible to delete older saves when new patches come out or maybe just delete it automatically with new patch... Bugs - Power sharing does not seem to be working at all, Platforms or to player. On a positive note the FPS is a lot more stable. It drops sometimes but not a game ruining problem like before.
  5. With the recent update I have noticed that the same bugs still exist in previous save games before the recent update. May I request a way to delete older saves. Since this game will receive many updates, the player will have to reset on a new world for the updates to take place.
  6. Top Astroneer

    Power Transfer Failure

    Same here xbox one!
  7. Top Astroneer

    Xbox one 0.2.10109.0

    Just posted a few minutes ago. Jumped in my saved game I already tagged those bugs. five minutes later after that posting, the same game just crashed and closed out.... ? Going to try a fresh start game and see if I see any difference.
  8. Top Astroneer

    Xbox one 0.2.10109.0

    Okay new patch is out for xbox one... Yay! It the version 0.2.10109.0 Well loaded up my saved game and I was immediately greeted with me in my vehicle right where I left off, Thats not a bad start... drive a couple feet forward then I fall through the floor. Lol Bugs 1. Floor tearing showing textures underneath. 2. Some of these tearing if you walk in them you fall through. 3. Rocks floating when digging up the Earth all around and under That's only the first five minutes gameplay. Positive note the FPS seems stable. With the minor hiccups here and there. Posted a video nothing really irrelevant, sorry for the sideways angle. 20161222_212007.mp4
  9. Top Astroneer

    Solution for tether tether lag bug

    Or how about the tether doesn't activate unless the player's connected to it ( light up) And if the tether is not connected to anything then it just blinks red, but only to the current tether you're connected too, same thing to the ones that light up that are connected.
  10. Top Astroneer

    Tool size

    I like this too.
  11. Can we please get a sensitivity option when using the tool in the control menu. <For aiming and being more precise.> It's very hard to be precise with a controller and It feels fast when aiming the tool gun The over-the-shoulder camera view speed is fine.
  12. Top Astroneer

    Can you make multiple save files on the Xbox One?

    Do you know how to delete saves?
  13. Top Astroneer

    First person view

    Wait theres a first person view?
  14. Top Astroneer


    No just the Aiming part, it's hard to be precise and accurate...