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    new "canister" storage

    a larger storage "silo" that can store things that need canisters, basically a giant canister.
  2. in my opinion here are 2 ways to improve astroneer: 1. some kind of mass storage for soil and hydrazine and other-canister-materials, like a kind of tank similar to the fuel tank of rockets but it is attachable to platforms. it should be able to store 15-25 canisters worth of one material and take like, 3-6 resin and a bit of compound to make, and be accessible early-on and take like, 2 slots to 5 slots as different sizes. 2. an option for hold-or press. it's kinda annoying to hold down the Q and E keys to interact with things. just sayin. 2 more ideas of mine: 1. ladders, stick them in the ground and activate them and a ladder will extend from like a box similar to that from ksp and then de-activate it so make it retract and once again portable. 2. suit upgrades, you make/find them and they permanently attach to your backpack/suit. examples: health scanner and medical supplies, compass, heater, extra battery, extra oxygen, extra space ect. but they would obviously be rare and expensive.
  3. AwesomerEveryday

    Hazmat Suit Idea

    i heard that system era was planning to add perks to the suits, so my idea is to have the in-dev hazmat suit take reduced or no damage from the acid-poison-green gas stuff from the exploders and the poison pot things
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    mee too! it is really annoying
  5. AwesomerEveryday

    carnivorous planet!

    whenever i play i sometimes get sucked into the ground where i fall into a cave and die. it is EXTREMELY annoying and the main reason i don't play often