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  1. Recently I was building custom fun tools in Astroneer using existing pieces, such as platforms, research items, plant seeds, minerals, and then I thought that having electronics lab would provide endless opportunities for different kind of creations. So, the suggestions is to implement electronics laboratory, similar to the chemistry laboratory. There will be the following items: - Printed Circuit Board (PCB). - Alternating Current Generator (AC / ACG). - Wire. - Capacitor. - Diode. - Transistor. - Switch for AND, OR, XOR, NOT operators and manual on/off. - Light sensor. - Movement sensor. - Memory (RAM) bit. The electronics lab will consume silicone, resin, copper, aluminum, steel, plastic to print the items. In the future, some (or all) existing structures might receive Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which, for example, would allow to use electrical input in order to instruct chemistry lab to produce an element.
  2. miyconst

    Cave crawler

    I really like the spider-like cave crawler idea.
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    Quick research

  4. I believe that the "free energy" and the "infinite trade" issues have to be solved by reducing the amount of energy spots produced by the mushrooms and lowering the seed price. Not by removing the features from the game. Same applies to the hydrazine trade, I would not remove the feature but rather fix the trading platform. For example every buy increases the value of a resource, every sell decreases the value of a resource. In this case selling hydrazine will be useless at some point. Regarding the trade platform, I believe that it should accept a "small storage" filled up with any resources, including seeds, this will make seeds research easier. Anyway, those are just my suggestions, and if community supports the idea of having useful seeds, the developers may listen to us
  5. There is a certain type of mushroom in the game which produces two seeds when it dies. Currently the seeds can be used to grow even more mushrooms, which is useless. My suggestions/ideas are: 1. Make the seeds be researchable, it will bring motivation to grow the plants and consume the seeds for researching the bytes. 2. Treat the seeds as an organic item. The small energy generator, which consumes organic, should be able to consume a seed as well. Another reason to grow the mushrooms. 3. Fully grown mushrooms should produce energy spots around them. Collecting the energy will be another motivation for the farming. 4. Allow to trade the seeds using the trade platform. Another trading resource is always valuable, especially when the trade platform will be nerfed. P.S. I have searched entire forum with Google, but could not find this ideas anywhere. Also I have read the pinned posts, and I hope my input is valuable.
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    New Item: Resource Finder

    It would be nice to hide some resources (like copper and aluminium ore) into the soil, so it's not easy to find them without the scanner.
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    a few ideas

  8. miyconst

    Ukrainian language support.

    Please add Ukrainian language.