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  1. So my tech savvier brother said the problem for me was my processor. Dropping all my settings to low and making everything processor-low seemed to help, along with not having anything open when i go to a loading screen.
  2. If you can get a research station, you could go the hydrazine route. The reason the thruster exploded is because it has 2 uses. The way to get and fuel a hydrazine thruster can be found on the wiki. It does not require laterite (and therefore not aluminum), but does require tungsten, quartz(to get glass), iron, organic(to get carbon), compound, titanium, resin, and ammonium. There might be one or two more, but these are the base materials you'd need for it, and you can follow the wiki, or if you'd like I can provide a step-by-step.
  3. So I downloaded the 1.0 update today, and when I launch the game, it loads the window with the loading screen like it did before, but the newer loading animation. But after it loads the solar system(or whatever it says specifically), my computer becomes really laggy(like a few frames every minute or so to even freezing. The only solution I've found to this is to restart my computer manually. I've tried this twice now, and it didn't do this before the 1.0 update, though it was laggy playing the game.
  4. Virukino

    One of the WORST places to land...

    No, I just took off and landed somewhere else.
  5. So I was going to exotic, and I landed on almost the worst place to land:
  6. Virukino

    Simply click joystick ounce to run.

    Maybe just double tapping and holding in that direction?
  7. Virukino

    broken Aluminium

    I got this too! It's an unfinished piece of aluminum, and the only way to remove it is put malachite on the smelter and smelt it, the aluminim will simply go to the storage, and be stuck there until the storage is destroyed (or it fixed) (use dynamite)
  8. Virukino

    Everything trembling

    The "planet shaking" is really your camera shaking because you are in the shaking vehicle
  9. Virukino

    More Star Systems

    I think it would be cool to go to other star systems than the one you spawn in. -> 3-5 random planets from a list ->A small chance for a rare planet ->An even smaller chance of a rare star, such as a binary star, or a dwarf star.' ->Chance for an asteroid belt or fancy spacial occurrence.
  10. Virukino

    Suggestion: Larger Storage Module

    Look at the whole read before posting/frequently suggested thing at the top before posting. One of them is the silo/large storage.
  11. Virukino

    Simply click joystick ounce to run.

    Most games, you have to hold the stick in the direction. So, no offense, but deal with it.
  12. Virukino

    Repairing and using Space Junk

    @Sidegamer Yes, but if people don't want the fancy spaceship, or have ALL the parts, they could salvage the parts for raw materials(maybe for upgrading parts???)
  13. Virukino

    Repairing and using Space Junk

    I think these should be able to be salvaged for raw materials, for those that already have their fancy ship, but need titanium for their winches/tanks/othertitaniumitemsinthtefuture. (why is this crossed out?)