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  1. The second to last image just seems to be that you haven't consumed those bits of floaty terrain. Also mini laterite is cool
  2. Yeah, you have to have the oxygenator for tethers to connect to anything.
  3. I've experienced gaps in the terrain before, but not to that extent. Also, the flying thing happens when you clip into the ground, and I imagine that was implemented so you wouldn't get stuck underground at a level you can't get out of, but rather go upwards to the surface.
  4. You may or may not be able to download like a noclip camera mod or something
  5. I can't help with my knowledge but for putting all that info and trying to solve stuff before putting it here.
  6. Have you tried the other gateway chamber on the other side of Desolo? Have you tried using more or a different source of power?
  7. Drop all the graphics settings, to decrease the processor strain(for me, vsync on helps with some fps drop but that could be a non-processor problem). I'm not the best at computer specs, but try checking yours against the minimums on the Steam store page, and go from there.
  8. But not being able to load a game is not much of a description, when he can't load it matters, because if the game freezes at the game file's load screen, it could be a processor problem, and his game file has gotten to a point where it tries to load too much and the computer freezes, and sometimes it works, but at a certain point it gets to a very low chance that it will actually load, and the only solution would be to improve processor performance or decrease the strain the game has on the processor. But if the game file just doesn't do anything when load is clicked, or he hasn't had any problems with processor speed, it could be that the game file is corrupted. Or it could be another problem.
  9. I mean what do you mean by can't load the file? If you're on Steam, does nothing happen when you click load on the main menu? Do you mean when you load the file, it freezes? Or what?
  10. So these might not be entirely legal but some effective ways to get the attention of the devs are: -hack into their accounts and post messages or whatever in their name. -email them directly. -hack into their accounts and learn their house locations and go to their houses and tell them. -hack into the game in steam and whatever and fix the code yourself(also please add cats). I do not take responsibility for anything anyone does, please don't do it if it's illegal.
  11. I mean you can get the materials again, and go a different direction to the core. You might be able to get one of these, or maybe use this.