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    camera auto-tilts up!

    upon loading a save, the camera will point to the sky and stay there, wound a solution, disconnect controller so im good but thought I´d mention it anyway if the same thing happens to anyone else weard thing is that nothing in the controller was being pressed and it is fully functional controller, just having it connected to usb port made the camera in game go CRAZY!
  2. Zymynca

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I CAN'T GET IN!?!?! I mean i did eventually, didn't time it but it was somewhere around 3-5 minutes of spamming hold E, with mouse in slighty different spots, adjusting my distance and angle to the vehicle, it only worked after I lost my temper and let out a very primal roar and punched my table almost breaking a finger :D PLEASE SEPARATE USE AND TERRAIN TOOL buttons, or atleast fix so that it actually works. I don't want to play like this...other than that, I´ve liked what i´ve seen thus far
  3. RESPAWN BUG: Was in my 2nd home in Tundra, saw a terrain bug and jumped in, died when i resurfaced, but then instead of repawning at my Tundra habitat, I flew through space back to my first base in Terran and became ghost (aka. flying camera) circling around my base (mouse control) but never did actually repawn, all was good after I reloaded the save, back in tundra like nothing happened. side note, yesterday my beacon was running away from me, I step forward, beacon backed up a step, finally cornered it in a cave and managed to catch it
  4. Windows 10 here, and if it´s relevant or not, save file created just before the latest patch
  5. Answer would be no, managed to blow up spaceship without game crashing, saved and restarted but the issue stayed the same, massive FPS drop still happening in that particular save file and the tether connection sound bug is still murdering my ears....my best game so far....i don't wanna start over again...my beautiful base NOOOOOOOO
  6. Not sure if its the same thing, but I have been suffering MASSIVE fps drops today accompanied by a HORRIFYING sound bug as I my tether connects to habitat and spaceship. I was thinking maybe this began with my base having too much stuff in a small area (quite proud of my multilevel base) but as I kept going I Started thinking it might be a bug in the spaceship (hunch). I just used dynamite on said spaceship and the whole game crashed Mi 1st crash HUZZAH!!! about to go back in and see if the game feels any better..will report back
  7. My latest base has wind and solar production outside and the power is carried inside my (own built) 2-story cave base ISSUE with this is that tethers carry power to ME but my actual base on the upper-floor is cut off from my power grid. These "power cables" that connect the base pieces/rover etc. together, would be nice if you could build them separately, thus letting one to carry power where-ever they want and plug it in. This would also allow you to build with more room in between structures leaving more room for your imagination/creativity.
  8. Zymynca

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    Exotic planet got a little more exotic, base has lost majority of it´s ground beneath it...might need an option to delete save files on main menu, not like i can keep playing this one. I just hope that my latest save file doesn't get this bad, there are some minor cuts here and there, appeared after latest patch, but its still playable and I REEEALLY don't wanna lose my new multi-level base I built
  9. ...well...it was new for me
  10. Astronium, went down 80 tethers right from my starting point and managed to find 4 around 60+ tethers....man my fingers and wrist hurts rdy with another 80 tethers....boys and ofc mi ladies....im going back in