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  1. Hi! kZ here! I've been looking at the community, reddit, youtube, looking for answers to: "Is my computer too good why do I have lag in this game?" - I've found a way that can help you, if you use the Steam platform use the following steps: 1- Search for Astroneer in your game library. 2- Right click and go to properties. 3- When opening a screen you will see that there are some options right there in General, click "Set launch options" 4 - Now that it is open put "-nosound" (without the quotation marks) Unfortunately the game will be muted, but will run out of lag. In case you want to play with sound but without lag follow these options (Thanks reddit Jak2003 user): 1- Open any folder; 2- In the folder search place: %appdata%\local\astro\saved\config\windowsnoeditor\engine.ini 3. Press ENTER and it will open a notepad; 4- In this notepad there will be some notes, put the text that I'll put here in this notepad (Not to delete those words, just ignore them.) What exactly was done here? We tweak the render settings of the game, simply to remove "useless" properties that cause lag. Your game will now run out of lag and sound!
  2. Like I said, we need spaceships like trailers style.
  3. - Some players (including me) were complaining about the lag that the sound of the game causes, I searched on some sites and they said to put -NOSOUND in the startup preferences on the Steam platform. I personally did not want to leave without sound, but because the sound gives me lag, I have to opt for this. - More resolution options (I am currently 1920x1080, I could put 800x600 for less lag, but there is no such option.) - I even understand that we gamers (or not, lol) do not need to put warnings at the beginning indicating how to get out of the game, how to get into options, how to play, etc., but it is extremely important for those who do not know or is their first time Playing. I say, I was lost when I started the game, I had to learn when I got close to some object (when you get close to some object it shows you the button that you must press) - Settings button at the beginning, if the game has lag, the person can return to the home screen and change the advanced options. - As @Rburn99 said in the forum, suicide button. People often want to kill themselves because they were born in the wrong place or because they want a planet with more interaction. - Planets are different from one another, some have seas, others have giant mountains, others can be in different times, there are dinosaurs, other cities with people (npcs) or even players doing their adventure with other friends, since it is Multiplayer. - Ships of different shapes, bigger, smaller, if it is a good idea can enter the ship and make it a house, where your friends can plan strategies to not have difficulty when you are without oxygen (haha). - You can use a teleportation if you want to move to a distant planet. (It's not just Man's Sky that has it, so that's an idea for almost every major space-ship game ever) - Keep the player busy by doing quests, have him take an object somewhere and take to the ship to complete that part of that series of quests, and also that there is no end, because when a person finds a good game to play he will never Wants to leave him, soon, does not want to finish the missions. - Try to always maintain interaction with the player, it is he who controls the whole game, an action of him can change something in his story, of many that will arrive. (I mention this because I know that your company will reach a huge and very successful level.) - As they added in the Pre-alpha of the game, I saw that they put a crafting system (whether or not there is a bit of Minecraft, but Minecraft does NOT own the system), if you can, improve the crafting system, since Going to a place to pick up resources and return the ship to do these items. Now for the forum community: All of these ideas are a mix of various games, but none of these games have the right to speak: "This mechanics is ours and no one else can copy." Since there are several games with crafting system, several games with WARP system to transport to other distant planets, etc. I'm not here to say that Astroneer is not a good game. I'm being critical, just as many were in relation to my games when I was creating games to present at my college, they really taught me a lot. It's interesting how many people skip the "Leave a suggestion" messages, they do not know how important it is to leave a suggestion... Astroneer has huge potential, so why not make it better? ---------------------------------------------------------- Did not you understand something? Ah ... I'm sorry, I'm not american, do not you think I could have a translation in the forum (a part of the forum in Portuguese, English, Russian, German, etc!)? If you want I can add several other suggestions! Thanks for reading the whole post, do you want to talk to me? I'll leave my skype and my email, okay? Skype: Bernardo4292 Email: