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  1. Feuerwalze - Steam - Tethers not working

    You need the Oxygenproducer for shuttles too if you want connect Tethers! Research it...
  2. Feuerwalze - Steam - Tethers not working

    You need an Oxygenproducer! You get it with the airdrop and then you can mount it on a slot at the base.
  3. Feuerwalze

    Dangit of the year

    Yes, sometimes. But if not you can try and try and it won´t work!
  4. Feuerwalze

    Rover wheel bug

    This happen sometimes but after a few seconds they are back on their place.
  5. Feuerwalze

    The future of astroneer?

    I found this Video of upcomming survival games. Astroneer at 10:30. Is this a future promotion buid? New base building? With automation?
  6. Feuerwalze

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    I can´t build canisters at gamestart. So i can´t plan terrain. But i always build my base at plan terrain and don´t want it different! So THIS UPDATE SUCKS!!!
  7. Feuerwalze

    Trade Platform doesn't trade

    The goods you want to trade have no value! Try it with chopper and alu!
  8. Feuerwalze

    Lack of content

    You´re wrong. With each patch vehicle driving sucks more and more!
  9. Feuerwalze

    "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    Driving is a horrible pain now! You test what you do? A storm blow my paper rover away from where i stand! I sat in it. And it have no power! Can´t get out of there!
  10. You dont get power from sediment, you get ressources!
  11. Feuerwalze Experimental - Bugs a plenty

    Go into options menu again will fix it
  12. Feuerwalze

    Can´t start Zebraball Research

    This don´t work for me !
  13. 196, Steam: The Zebraball won´t get researched. It don´t lock on the Station!
  14. 196, Steam: As Topic say: After i shot this Pics i went afk for a Minute. Immediately afterwards i got a storm and it blow them off! Never found them again... Nice feature