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    Copper ore stuck in Smelter

    This happened to me today too (4th of march 2017) so I dont know if they tried fixing it, but it's not fixed as of today
  2. Sandbox games are fun for a while, until you find out how empty and pointless they are. This happens once you have done everything in the game that you can do. Once that happens people will never open it up again and start it up because "why" would you do it all over again? and for what ? This is mainly why we played minecraft for a very long time in the beginning, but after you've done all the things, explored all things that can be explored in the sandbox game, you just don't want to start all over again and do it again and again (unless you're a 6 year old kid with lot's of serotonins in your brain and don't mind the repetitiveness). All im saying is, please don't let this be "THAT" kind of game, think of something unique and engaging that will let players come back everyday. Their initial idea of minecraft was to give players a playground and some time to build up their base, lay down traps, and when the timer ends they would need to destroy each other's base. This sounds like a purpose, to me there is no real engaging purpose in minecraft. it's just a sandbox and it just happens to be multiplayer. (if you want). But other than that, all other things you either have to imaginate yourself... I hope that this game will not be like minecraft is today, a simple sandbox game, explore and without a real purpose. There's must be something added to the game to get rid of the sandbox feeling. I'm not sure what can be added to the game to make this a better game and experience but im sure there are people here that can help ?