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  1. well, the file itself is still there, but i am not able to play that anymore.
  2. but as u can see, there are already at least 3 completely filled container. unfortunately, i tried something and din´t want to save, so i closed my game by pressing ALT+F4 and now the saving file isn´t readable anymore. so... whatever. lol
  3. (STEAM!!)
  5. hi guys! i´ve build a crane on a shuttle and also filled the shuttle with fuel (or however it´s called ingame.. ). now my problem is: how can i fly? i mean, i can take a seat but can´t do anything then. also, i´ve build a big (rock?!) with a connection to the shuttle/crane and i have no freaking idea what that thing is for... 2nd: how do i use multiplayer on steam? is it only available with that "invite friend to game" menu thingy, or is there a way to play with anyone on the internet? thanks
  6. Hi guys! First: the game runs very smooth on my system and i couldn´t obtain any of the bugs i´ve read of in the forum (like crashes or freezes etc.). My bug: As u can see in the screenshot, my ores stuck on the machine slots and i am not able to pick them up. I already picked up many of them, but now the machine slots are nearly full.