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  1. SkillvomFass

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    yeah, you actually aren´t allowed to put these "research" things on the storage sides of the truck. just use the truck itself. u can use the storage for ore and things but the research things will crash it. i also found out (or maybe it just feels like) if u put another single seat (like two seats) on the rover, it at least feels like it drives more stable.
  2. SkillvomFass

    Ressources stuck in smelter

    well, the file itself is still there, but i am not able to play that anymore.
  3. SkillvomFass

    Ressources stuck in smelter

    but as u can see, there are already at least 3 completely filled container. unfortunately, i tried something and din´t want to save, so i closed my game by pressing ALT+F4 and now the saving file isn´t readable anymore. so... whatever. lol
  4. SkillvomFass

    Looking for co-op friend(s) (STEAM!!)
  5. SkillvomFass

  6. hi guys! i´ve build a crane on a shuttle and also filled the shuttle with fuel (or however it´s called ingame.. ). now my problem is: how can i fly? i mean, i can take a seat but can´t do anything then. also, i´ve build a big (rock?!) with a connection to the shuttle/crane and i have no freaking idea what that thing is for... 2nd: how do i use multiplayer on steam? is it only available with that "invite friend to game" menu thingy, or is there a way to play with anyone on the internet? thanks
  7. SkillvomFass

    Ressources stuck in smelter

    Hi guys! First: the game runs very smooth on my system and i couldn´t obtain any of the bugs i´ve read of in the forum (like crashes or freezes etc.). My bug: As u can see in the screenshot, my ores stuck on the machine slots and i am not able to pick them up. I already picked up many of them, but now the machine slots are nearly full.