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  1. I have worked all day trying to research the habitat and I finally got it. The reason I built a hab was so I could put it next to one of those crashed satelites that have solar panels and connect up, but it wouldn't allow me to. Please make it so that those two can connect because the solar panel crash obviously has a port and it does connect to the rover.
  2. Redferrari1225

    Things stuck off planet

    I have noticed that while going in between planets (I.E reloading objects and bases over and over) that things including shuttles get stuck in the sky. This has led me to believe that the gravity range for Astroneer is very small and when loading things up they can launch out of it. Also in the big blue landing circles it would be nice if you can choose exactly where in those you can land as to not crush something.
  3. I would word this differently When you research a red cube you get the red cubes' research item, after that you will only get items from the red cube. And so forth with other researches
  4. Redferrari1225

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    It helped me I also notice that storage pieces do not affect the rover. Also do not keep your trucks and rover connected when u leave the planet they may get stuck in the upper atmosphere
  5. Redferrari1225

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Oh and quick fix i found. Only use your front 2 storage modules on the storage piece for big things
  6. Redferrari1225

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I have the same problem, but I found it with research. At first, I thought that the research glitches on the back of the storage on the truck. After a while, it became apparent that this happens with any big object on the back of a storage unit on the truck. What I think is happening is the trucks have an auto-balancing system or something, and when you put something that overweighs that the truck just goes full throttle until it is again balanced. I have found out that you can drive it when it is in crazy state, but you have to get in and use arrow keys and not let it over wheelie.