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  1. Oh you can Rightclick in the fields and then press ESC to close the context menu .... That worked for me.
  2. Similar problem here. It stays open as long as I don't click in the form field to type my credentials. I can only reach the fields by pressing tab around 20 times ... Chrome v
  3. Another Bug spotted. (Hirnsturz Twitch Stream). He put 2 Resin on a base knot to store it, but that forced the knot to expand to a platform. The original knot already had 3 connections and should not expand when you put resin on it. But it did and broke the powertransfer in the network. Video at 1h23m50s:
  4. On Biffa's Let's Play, I spotted a duping bug. At 13:10 He is smelting aluminum ore but there is not enough space in the smelter to smelt all items. During the smelting he removed items to make space, but this delay in smelting made the aluminum ore stop processing before the whole nugget was sucked in. But the output is a full aluminum nugget. On the next smelt, the smelter is processing the rest of the aluminum ore nugget but also outputed a full aluminum nugget. If you exploit this, you can make 3 metal, out of 2 ores. Not that bad, but still a bug. Here is the video (just in case