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  1. Eleonas

    how do destroy buildings?

    i cant grab them.... the tether i mean
  2. id really like to now how to get rid of tether and buildings. My game lags as hell ^^ - any solutions?
  3. Eleonas

    game starts lagging

    How can i remove tether? or buildings?
  4. Eleonas

    game starts lagging

    Hey guys, first of all: Congratulations for a game this huge like Astroneer. Have been playing many alphas so far but this one gave me goosebumps. There is just 1 bug that annoys me a little bit. It seems that with the amount of buildings you make, the game starts lagging more and more. My "City" contains now about 20 "buildings" and it starts lagging very hard... I have a high cost gaming pc (i dont want to show off right now - im just not to sure about my specs) and this issue is bothering me quite hard. i have those lags also on other planets. Which has to be said is that these lags did NOT occure as i started playing - but they increased, as i said, with every new bulding. Looking forward for Updates Sincerely Eleonas PS: Sorry for bad English