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    Tank named as tethers of visa Versa?

    Thanks for mentioning! Glad I'm not the only one
  2. Having the same thing, can't use it as tethers either though..
  3. I know this was possible in earlier versions, but thought it was patched then. Seems to be back? The timing is really precise but after a few tries still easily possible to select the seat and sit in it, so you can move yourself while inside (see screenshot)
  4. Took a tank from a dead Astroneer I found in a cave, but after the oxygen was gone, it didn't refuel anymore and now when I hover over it, it says tethers.. playing on steam with mouse and keyboard.
  5. Whahahahaha_

    New things finded in new Experimental Pacth

    Holyy, already was hyped up when I saw I reasearched dynamite and was able to craft it in my backpack.. just costs one aluminum btw