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    Black Trees, Black Rocks??

    I have the same issue currently as well
  2. Mole Peopleee

    Thorium Molten Salt Reactor

    Honestly something like a R.T.G. would be nice because it could still create a reliable source of power but not as costly as most forms of nuclear power (And for those of you who'm read this and don't know R.T.G. stands for Radio-isotopic Thermo-electric Generator.)
  3. Mole Peopleee

    Map & Radar

    I like this idea but people are going to want to see storms but being able to see storms by radar makes the game too easy
  4. Mole Peopleee


    In my opinion adding mod capabilities to a game like Astroneer might be a good thing as it would be able to allow those capable of modding to make content for the game that the development team might have never thought of. If your wondering what I am talking about look at a few other games like space engineers, Ark, and others I can't think of at the moment that have vast modding communities that if development see's a mod that's popular and content fits into a part of the game the dev's would ask permission to make it part of the actual game.
  5. Mole Peopleee

    Energy transfer to base from distant solar/wind plants

    How about a structure that looks like a nuclear reactor but runs off of astronium.
  6. Mole Peopleee

    New tools

    I would also like to see a rig that uses the drill to make a hole straight into the ground and an elevator that can go in the shaft afterwards
  7. Mole Peopleee

    Mining elevator

    ya and maybe something like a drill rig that can drill down to make a shaft for the elevator
  8. Upon placing the final tether of the first group of tethers from my pack the game froze and quit responding forcing me to close it through Task Manager