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  1. That would be sick if radiation damage and shielding would be added to the game. Might change the Radiant poison storm to a radioactive one.
  2. The switch itself is sold alot but not everyone who wants one has one [noshit yeah] but thats not because it's expensive, it doesnt have many games released worth the 350,-. Astroneer isn't that well known aswell. Rocket League is going on the switch because it has next gen crossplatform compability. You need to think about the fact that nintendo also has 0 crossplatform games with other consoles.
  3. +1. would be a nice little adjustment
  4. I like your microsoft paint skills being used for making a 10/10 nuclear reactor, but I hope Astronium wont be used to power something to make energy. We already got about 5 different energy sources so I don't think we need more of those ingame. IMO it could be used for a better spaceship to explore other solar systems with when those are added later in the game.
  5. This place is getting salty... Take note that not everyone here is a native English speaker. Take not aswell that not everyone is as advanced in English as you are. You knew what he meant so why go on about it? Astroneer isnt a game made for a specific age. It is for anyone who wants to play it. Do you think the opinion of a 6 yearold matters to developers who make a game which is played mostly by adults who are able to give decent commentary about improvements to the game? [Nintendoom does but they are dying faster than my motivation to live]. PvP? Already possible mate! Ever hea
  6. 2 months with small patches [Thruster boost, Dynamite added, ect] then 1 big update. -Screenshot saturday, may 20th. New item thing might be coming next update [or the new astroneer]
  7. Just like Wyvyrias said. Maybe later in the updates the astroneers will have different improvements so people would choose another astroneer for once exept the orange astroneer. [Probably fan favourite and only used astroneer in the game]. Lets first wait out the new astroneer that could come out next month [I hope the collouring on that one wont stay grey and brown]
  8. [I haven't read the comments yet] +1111, I was working with a ring of solar panels around the moon for infinite energy, a train with tracks would help a lot. However, train tracks are a bit outdated for Astroneer. It may look amazing if it looks like those high tech floating magnetic trains. But if it looks like most trains now then I'd say don't add them.
  9. The larger storage and hover vehicle idea has already been checked. Someone made a few ''snaps'' of how it could look like. [on one of the pinned posts you can see a google drive link with screenshots of having those things in sketch and /or ingame] Astroneer upgardes would be cool to see ingame, +1
  10. .

    tom hanks

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      Dont actually ban me for posting this pls

  11. How does the recent visitor block work? If I got it disabled I cant see how many people have seen my page and if I enable the block I can see them so how does it work?

  12. Why hasnt the chinese guy been blocked / banned from the forum? He spams something about a degree over 10 discussion tabs and is doing it for longer than today. [Since I first posted here he was already trashposting the same ad]. I dont even have to say his name, this screenshot is enough :
  13. Just a +1 on the entire concept of a drone helping you doing things. [It wont survive long in my multiplayer sessions though, got too much TNT being used to blow the planet in half]
  14. By increasing the range of a beacon to a point you can see it on a map you dont need too make beacons anymore. For example : When I go to an expedition trying to find some new research blocks i take 8 beacons with me t ofind the way back. If the range gets increased and / or being seen on the map, I wont use more than 1 beacon because the map is enought to get me back to where I came from.
  15. Steeam ofcourse. That is the 2nd place with Astroneer news