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  1. Quarit

    Sound Bug

    Hello fellow Astroneers! About 2 months ago I changed the normal sound settings from 100 to 60 and saved the changes. Ever since then it always starts with all sound at 0. I changed nothing else and I'm playing on the latest stable version 0.4.10215.0 (The Excavation Update) on W7.
  2. Quarit

    Morse code from satellite!

    Wait so it is the same as in the other wreckages?
  3. Quarit

    Screenshots Megathread

    So uhm..... how do I ... undo this?
  4. So I was minding my own business when I found the satellite. Because I wanted so see all of the details I stepped closer to it and then I heard an extraordinary morse code I've never heard before! I recorded it via PlaysTV but uplaoded it on YouTube, maybe someone can decypher it?
  5. Quarit

    more than one core?

    So my friend and myself took some hours and we made a hole down to what we thought was the core of the planet. We were so unorganized and so chaotic but we managed to find a core. We were astonished that we actually made it. So our new quest was to drill down to the other side of the planet as we discorvered a second and a third core. So is that actually not the "core" but just a source of Astronium?
  6. So I drove around may hours to search for right the perfect place to go cave exploring and unfortunately I died. But before I went down I placed a home pod (to respawn there ofc) and when I finally died I spawned at my first home pod . I'm really really upset so please make it happen.
  7. Quarit

    Truck Train LAG (really bad)

    I kinda have a similar problem. I had 3 rovers connected with each other (and with the base) and everything was just as fine as it could possibly be. But the milisecond I built a truck all went downhill. The FPS was just sporadic and not constant dancing between 60 and less than 1. It got somewhat "better" when I distant myself from my home base. But it certainly came with the truck that's for sure.
  8. Quarit

    Weapon to fight unfriendly creatures

    I wouldn't want a real "gun" in this game. I feel like it would destroy the actual exploration aspect because you always have to think about the hostile environement. I'd rather want a "energy bubble gun" which uses all your energy for one bubble. And with this gun you can permanently bubble hostile plants (gas plants) to not get harmed by them anymore. Of course you'd have to research this gun first.
  9. Quarit

    Planet spin

    I am actually amused by my brain fucking up. Whenever I'm standing on the moon I always think my camera is going up but my mouse is still. I love it!
  10. I ain't no physicist but I don't think this is right. Found on terran planet.
  11. Quarit

    Someone found Hubble!

    Found Voyager myself
  12. Quarit

    FPS Drops

    I get the lags rather often in my safes. Especially in my safe with my moon ring (or the parts of it). See my full story here: http://imgur.com/a/gkVOO After about 150 connectors my game became unplayable
  13. But it looks cool, you have to admit!
  14. You have to remember this is a pre-alpha so don't get too upset about these bugs. The first "bug" is known already. Happens to everybody. My guess it's a problem with the memory but they're on it. Here is the roadmap. https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-road-map-planning The second one I saw it myself, looks a bit odd but you're getting used to it Third one also happened to me and my truck just turned into a rocket with light speed thrusters. He dissappeared in a hurry and never came back :c rip steve Fourth one is actually odd and I've never seen it but good that you're reporting it! Have you tried replacing one of them? Maybe one of them is bugging and the other one are just adjusting Quarit over and out.