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  1. Shawn138

    Impossible to craft modules

    Ahhhh! Got it, Thanks!!!
  2. How am I to craft a cem lab or a shredder or a trade plat. If I'm on the starting plaint and can't get Wolframite or Iron? Am I missing something?
  3. Shawn138

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Great!!! I see this at work and now ALL I'm going to do is watch the clock till I get home. Then it's NEW WORLD TIME!!!!!!
  4. Shawn138

    Screenshots Megathread

    Remember the days you could use your winch to take your rover with you from base to base? Not any more. But it does make a good beacon.
  5. I was thinking about the whole research thing and thought I would pose this. How about making research a point based thing? That way you just accumulate your points. there could be a point system for the different chests, some worth more some worth less. Then you just buy whatever research you want with your points. Get what YOU want first. Then it's just a matter of getting the points.
  6. Shawn138

    Giving up on Patch 155

    I'm not giving up yet... But I do feel you pain! Hours of searching(got a spaceship right away) hit all the planets looking for unfindable stuff, and I still don't have the basics.
  7. Shawn138

    Dome...above ground?

    I landed in a ravine and ended up putting a "roof" over it. I used tethers on the ceiling for a little extra light.
  8. Have you seen this? I'm inquiring on the cost to buy one.
  9. Shawn138

    No Connection between vehicle bay and rest of the base

    No not the VB but my spaceship would not connect to single resin node. I started a new base and the node all of a sudden would not connect to my spaceship just on one side. I traveled back to my original base and my ship would not connect to base on the one side, but would connect on the other side. So I took a gamble and blew it up to build a new one. it worked.
  10. Shawn138

    No Connection between vehicle bay and rest of the base

    This randomly(playing P125) happened to me, my work around was to blow up my spaceship and make a new one. Problem solved for now...
  11. Shawn138

    What are possible cockpits for shuttles?

    I did fly with buggy seat. But I think that was before P125. Since P125 I started a new world and have only made a spaceship with double storage, when I placed a buggy seat on it I got the fly tab but I was not able to fly. But I can with a Habitat.
  12. Shawn138

    What are possible cockpits for shuttles?

    I have been able to fly a spaceship with one upgraded storage and a truck seat. But If I double the big storage I need a habbit to fly it.
  13. Shawn138

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I have 2 things going on. 1, when using the crane the resources auto load into the storage and slots on the crane. But if I don't get enough to make a whole one I'm left with an incomplete resource. Or if it pops out I can not pick it up. (Two photos) 2, Smelter graphic was not working on Radiated planet(no photo). 3, I harvested some power(on Radiated planet) but was unable to use it at home. Not sure how it looks used because it wasn't being used. Here is the save file, started after latest patch. AUTOSAVE_0_2017.02.24-21.35.12.sav AUTOSAVE_0_2017.02.24-21.35.22.sav
  14. Shawn138

    "125" - February 16th, 2017

    As far as PC controls go, when I try to adjust my audio settings they don't save. When I hit apply it acts like it works but nothing changes, then when I go back into the settings they are back at the default settings.