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  1. @SES_joe Can i get somehow the source image? (background of the first one)
  2. Well, after @the_monotonist discovered a easter egg inside a wreckage emiting sound in morse code, I decided to pay more attention on little secrets, then, when i was exploring the satelite emited a very loud sound (like old tvs) and i was kind of scary to continue hear that, and after this loud sound, a morse code start, i hear that in the first time on 05/07/2017, but i decided translate today (because i thought it was the same easter egg), and here what i discovered: this first image is the spectogram of that "very loud sound" ( 99,99% sure that is Paul) then, this is the message PAUL I MISS YOU YOU WERE A TRUE FRIEND AND IM A BETTER PERSON HAVING KNOWN YOU IM SO SAD YOURE GONE. .--. .- ..- .-.. .. -- .. ... ... -.-- --- ..- -.-- --- ..- .-- . .-. . .- - .-. ..- . ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. .- -. -.. .. -- .- -... . - - . .-. .--. . .-. ... --- -. .... .- ...- .. -. --. -.- -. --- .-- -. -.-- --- ..- .. -- ... --- ... .- -.. -.-- --- ..- .-. . --. --- -. . BUT i think thats not everything, when i first heard this sound (on 05/07/2017) i recorded just a little piece and that piece says "you among the stars" and this not apears on this message, maybe theres more sounds hided? btw, good job making this secret System Era and my condolenses for this lost ;( (for any grammar mistakes sorry, im from brazil :/) if someone dont know who is Paul, he is a co-founder of System Era, he died this year and sorry for that noise on background, its because near there was another satelite emiting this strange sound, if someone wants to investigate it, heres the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayfoUD32QDU
  3. They have plans to astroneer in linux, its all that everyone knows
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    "Paul i miss you...'' new easter egg

    Guys, a correction, remember that i said that i thought it could not be everything cuz in 05/07/2017 audio i recorded a little piece that says "you among te stars"? actually, i dont know if in the final bugged for me or if i cut the audio early, but theres more morse code, and ive reuploaded that vídeo, heres the full message: "Paul I miss you You were a true friend and Im a better person having know you im so sad youre gone See you among the stars" Morse code: .--. .- ..- .-.. .. -- .. ... ... -.-- --- ..- -.-- --- ..- .-- . .-. . .- - .-. ..- . ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. .- -. -.. .. -- .- -... . - - . .-. .--. . .-. ... --- -. .... .- ...- .. -. --. -.- -. --- .-- -. -.-- --- ..- .. -- ... --- ... .- -.. -.-- --- ..- .-. . --. --- -. . ... . . -.-- --- ..- .- -- --- -. --. - .... . ... - .- .-. ... and heres the full version:
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    "Patch 196" - July 21st, 2017

    How we can setup headless system?
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    Zebra Ball = Homing Ball?

    Heres the why
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    Three New Module Ideas (Artwork Included)

    Wow, that soo cool and usefull +1
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    X marks the spot

    Wow, never saw that before, if this is a glitch, its pure coincidence
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    storms in the caverns

    Yeah, but for me didnt have any blocks
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    Funny bugs - share your "wtf-moments"

    @Ghostwolf93 hehe, thanks, i have a lot of clips like that, one day i will post the full video ;b
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    Share your sculptures!

    Thats my first sculputure
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    Funny bugs - share your "wtf-moments"

  13. Well, first of all u will need some tethers cuz u will need to reach the north pole and thats kind of simple, go to north (N) till u finnaly reach, then there will be more easy to create the smooth floor and put na habitat there, Always will be day, soo solar panels will do they job forever, ive tested in moon and it works fine
  14. Thats was i tryed to say as "angle of rotation" :v
  15. It would be cool if terran had season!
  16. This would be cool and, like i said, puting some angle of rotation on planets would solve this "problem" too
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    "Patch 182" - May 26, 2017

    This is not for this update?
  18. Guys, after this new update the satelite is emiting new sounds, (not on morse code):
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    Challenge: Demolition Man

    Holy #$*! dude
  20. Yeah, i know that a lot of people is getting frusted by this new system of research, but actually, the problem will be not be solved by changing the order of research or others stuff like that, the problem of the research system is the artifacts (for me), they dont make sense, you just find a plant and get her seed, or finding a rock and put on research module then BUM, now you know how to build a spaceship (i cant see the logic here), i suggest that this system need to be drasticaly changed, instead of artifacts, put some wreckages that you can just analyze then, or, if it is big, you will print something that you will need to carry to the wreckage site to analyze, because you cant bring the wreckage to home and the wreckage is too big for the research module, then he (something that you will need to carry to the wreckage site) will analyze the wreckage (taking a little amount of time),download the log data and shows u a little of the wreckage history, and you will need to bring back for your base, store data, and now you now how to build. Heres a list of tecnologies: |Tier 1 |Tier 2 |Tier 3 |Vehicles |Wind Vane* |Habitat* |Fuel Condenser |Truck |Small Generator* |Solar Panel |Trade Platform* |Rover |Oxygen tank |Wind Turbine |Crane |Shuttle |Small Battery |Generator |Large Storage |Spaceship |Filters* |Winch |3-Seat |Power Cells* |Storage* |Dynamite |Battery |Broad Mod |Drill Head |Narrow Mod |Inhibitor |Terrain Analyzer |Solar* *=Start with (if i dont mencioned some objects it because you start with) How to find Tier 1 In normal wreckage (Actual patch the biggers one) will be common to find a Smal Battery, Oxygen tank. In Shuttle wreckage will be common to find Wind Vane, Small Generator, Oxygem Tank, Small Battery, Dynamite, Broad Mod, Narrow Mod, Inhibitor, Terrain Analyzer and Solar. And actually, they will not work, it will need to look like that they r destroyed(Theres a why the shuttle wreckage has more stuff Tier 1, cuz they have been sended for explore). How to research Tier 1 Well, you will need to carry then to the research module to analyze (Obviusly derp) to know how they work and how it was before the collision, then, this data will be saved on your astronaut, when the research is over, will apear a hologram showing what you found |and what ship they belong to? that will need some history in game| How to and research Tier 2 and Tier 3 Now it will start to be cool, welp, tier 2 and tier 3 objects will be relationed, why? cuz you will need to find abandoned or destroyed bases (invasion? nature disasters?), they will be locked in the modules(Here i have other suggestion, look in Lock Modules below) soo you will need to print that stuff (what i mencioned early as "something that you will need to carry to the wreckage site") and let him analyze the base and give for you blueprints. Only late game Well, the last thing you will need to research will be the crane/drill system, because you will need to collect the rare resources, soo this one will be more rare to find, probably near a exposed resource deposit, in a cave a wreckage of a truck with crane/drill, some stuffs like that and of course, in a wreckage they will not work, you will need to carry the "something that you will need to carry to the wreckage site" for analyze the bueprint and make a new one. Lock Modules Well, after 132 hours of this game i get noticed that sometimes is annoying that you will take some resources from storage and then you take all storage (unintentionally), how to solve this? the Lock system, you guys will create the dedicated servers right? it will need a anti-grief system, and heres the lock system appears, the base creator will have the permission to lock tier 2 objects in the modules, preventing someone to steal it, and preventing to take accidentaly the object from the storage. What do you guys think about it? (Again, sorry for grammar mistake, actually im a brazilian and i still learning english)
  21. Actually, energy is essential for base, if I want to explore more underground just build tethers and go there, I don't need to worry about energy, and this not ruined my game, if they want to make something more realistic just add an angle of rotation in planets, in astroneer (last patch) we got all technologies just in Terran, and in this patch we even get all technologies visiting all planets (I have a lot of hours in this new patch and I don't have all technologies) and they don't know how to balance that, they want us to explore but all planets look like the same with different colors and sizes, actually, there r just a few different, like exotic that the ground is weird, but nothing more to explore, discover new things, something is missed. For me this research system doesn't work, it will be much more fun if "Artifacts" did not exist, why? Because they don't make sense, you "Research" a random thing and you discover how to build a spaceship (wtf), it would be better if the things that we want to research was wreckage in different planets with different technologies (not random) like, the radiation planet has a lot of lithium, titanium, astronium, soo, we need to find the wreckage of crane (it will much more common to find in Radiation than Terran) and we carry that wreckage and leave in Research Module then we will know how to build one. (Srry if in this text have some grammar mistakes)