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  1. @SES_joe Can i get somehow the source image? (background of the first one)
  2. They have plans to astroneer in linux, its all that everyone knows
  3. Guys, a correction, remember that i said that i thought it could not be everything cuz in 05/07/2017 audio i recorded a little piece that says "you among te stars"? actually, i dont know if in the final bugged for me or if i cut the audio early, but theres more morse code, and ive reuploaded that vídeo, heres the full message: "Paul I miss you You were a true friend and Im a better person having know you im so sad youre gone See you among the stars" Morse code: .--. .- ..- .-.. .. -- .. ... ... -.-- --- ..- -.-- --- ..- .-- . .-. . .- - .-. ..- . ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. .
  4. How we can setup headless system?
  5. Well, after @the_monotonist discovered a easter egg inside a wreckage emiting sound in morse code, I decided to pay more attention on little secrets, then, when i was exploring the satelite emited a very loud sound (like old tvs) and i was kind of scary to continue hear that, and after this loud sound, a morse code start, i hear that in the first time on 05/07/2017, but i decided translate today (because i thought it was the same easter egg), and here what i discovered: this first image is the spectogram of that "very loud sound" ( 99,99% sure that is Paul) then, this is the message
  6. Wow, never saw that before, if this is a glitch, its pure coincidence
  7. Yeah, but for me didnt have any blocks
  8. @Ghostwolf93 hehe, thanks, i have a lot of clips like that, one day i will post the full video ;b