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  1. I would like to see depth meters so I know how far down into the planet I am.I would also like to be able to make things in my game (e.g. Mountain ranges and other land marks) so I can find my way back to my base instead of just trying to use the compass and remembering how I got to where I am Thanks for the great game can't wait to see what happens in the future keep up the great work Kirby
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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Playing Xbox one I had a truck with two rovers attached one with large storage one with crane and drill head truck had large storage with battery small storage solar panel a organic generator everything fully loaded I had come across a compound vein in he ground hopped in the crane and dug it up once i got and started putting the compound in my pack i pulled my pack up to place it in and once i finished minimized my pack only to find my truck both rovers crane and all research and materials (except for that in my pack) had vanished i don't think it was in the ground it just disappeared i was streaming on twitch through the xbox and could not record or else i would have had evidence to upload i do have a large base and had done a significant amount of terraforming plus a small base on barren. Thanks for a great game this early on me i up the amazing job i can't wait to see what the future may bring