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  1. I lost a truck and trailer full of stuff. Lol but this is a pre alpha and what we are doing here is helping the developers sort it out so buy writing what you have is a great help to them ??
  2. Yeh that's it, I have started again and stopped using tethers and it has cut down the amount of lag a lot. But I am still getting textures not joined and drop throughs happening
  3. Hi I am playing the Xbox one version and love the game the only thing I am having problems with is the lag as your environment gets bigger the more the lag sets in, also I am constantly dropping through the textures into the caves and stuff. Keep up the great work love the game
  4. Hi I had an idea while playing the game about driods. Maybe you could craft a droid or specific droids for specific jobs, like mapping droid (be able to send him of in a direction to collect data for mapping) this would be great for Sharing your plannets unique terrain with your friends and benifit the player as to were something maybe worth investigating. Or landscaping droids or just a droid that helps you and gives banter. Players could also leave messages to friends on or inside the memory of there droid. Also maybe a weather droid that gives an early warning to storms and such li