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  1. Dear devs, had the game since steam launch and loving it. My 2 cents suggestions include: 1. Storm induce faster rotation of wind turbines. 2. Separate modules for airborne vehicles- spaceship, shuttle, etc 3. Include a small aircraft in the game, e.g. Hexarotor air transport to be utilised within a planet and limited storage. Akin to a rover but airborne. 4. Remove the wheels on the truck and replace them with tracks. Slower speed than rover but higher storage capacity. Besides, drill head on tracks, what could go wrong? ? So far that is what comes to mind after 15 hours into the game. Thanks for your time reading this, your time to make the game and Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year
  2. Would love to have a researched module which recycles created items and converts them into resources or power at a penalty. For example, if recycle one slot full of tethers will only yield some power. Recycle two full slots of tether will yield power or one slot of component depending on choice.
  3. Not sure if bug of something else. The wind turbine doesn't spin during storms.
  4. Dear devs, First I'd like to commend the game. Simple, intuitive, and fun. I love every moment and will continue to support the game even further. I found a non game breaking bug. Every time after reload a save, items on the pack floats above the slot. My system: MSI GT80S 6QE Windows 8.1 Pro Latest Nvidia Drivers as of writing. Steam version of the game, played via Gamesir G4S gamepad. Thanks for the game and keep up the good work.