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    rover no move foward to french AZERTY keyboard

    Forward and back don't work with up arrow and down arrow either, although the left and right keys do work. To move forward and back you have to use the default WASD keys W for forward and S for backward. The remapping for them is ignored.
  2. Looks like I am going to have to grind to research something else because I can't create extra batteries or tanks from the start. This is irritating. I don't mind laying tether trails when I know there is something interesting but it is annoying now to have to tether everywhere. Also there appears to be only one new research for each item at the moment. I have only tried 2 or three different types though
  3. My bad - I hadn't updated because I was still on experimental - so it has always looked like this, doh!
  4. Today's update with modifiers Items (extra battery and oxygen tank) are floating on the side save slots of the backpack when attached with space visible between them and the backpack as the docking bit rotates into the vertical
  5. As I work often on another machine it is useful to Stream Astroneer to another machine on the same wired network. The network is 1Gbit performance. Astroneer displays fine but attempting to mouse look results in the massive spinning with the slightest mouse movement. This spinning occasionally occurs in game on the same PC but happens continuously when streaming.
  6. Finally circumnavigated the planet north / south from my base without vehicles placing a tether trail and tunneling through mountains (mostly). First time I got back to my base and got into the shuttle the game crashed and I had to complete an earlier save. On returning to base 6-7 FPS - normally over 60 at the start of a game. Went back to the load game menu 22 FPS - at this point I would expect everything in the saved game to be flushed out so looks like memory leaks to me. Unloaded and re-started the game. 62 FPS at menu. Ran my route around the planet - not easy at 7FPS to stay on bridges I have made - about 23 minutes to run around the planet. FPS is consistently low. It would be pleasant if rocks did not spawn on crafted terrain or there won't be much point making roads. Certainly this release doesn't seem much better than the non-experimental release at improving frame rate. GTX 980 Ti with 6GB. Core I5, 16GB RAM
  7. Attempted to circumnavigate Terra on foot with a long tether trail. 62 FPS at base with a few things built. After getting more than half-way around the planet (compass North rotated to South) FPS started to drop badly. Eventually 17FPS where I had to stop due to an area with no compound. On journey built bridges and tunnels through mountains to stay as close to a straight line as possible. WIN 10. 16GB RAM. GTX 980 Ti with 6GB RAM 3440x1440 Ultra wide monitor
  8. Saved game underground in a cave system. When reloading the game everything has disappeared around me in the save game area apart from my tethers and one of those silvery plants that goes up into the cave roof. If I walk thirty paces in any direction the smooth cave is again decorated with stalactites etc.
  9. I go on truck safari around the planet and have to construct canyon bridges as I go. I drop markers but to make the location of bridges clearer I started building pillars or arches near them. When returning on the same route these have disappeared and sometimes part of the bridge has gone. In a similar way crafting the landscape around another planet can also be lost. This happened to my base on Exotic.