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  1. ?... just saying that PC would most likely in the later years become smaller and be moved around into areas that is offline, also that people could have bad internet connection and wants to play offline.
  2. and heavy on performance if its a big one (I would assume they use some type of chunks or something for meshes/render?) so all those areas it will effect you would need to update a big chunk of meshes + maybe the objects above (rocks, plants and such) but I guess if they add lava they could add eruptions that would add this screenshake and have landscape that fits the theme.
  3. well this is for more laptop users to others that might also move their desktop. and yes one don't need a tower desktop (but to still good performance and small is costly) There is now a couple working desktops that are smaller then xbox but like 4x the price? but well 2-3x the performance or more.
  4. well there is issues to be had with both, but in general steam can be nicer for higher quality games to gmg or Origin. What I dislike with steam is that you need it for offline play and not all games work in offline mode on steam.
  5. there is ways to make a fake breaking ground but many of them could be lazy to not good looking. they could try to move the mesh like their tools, but how that also would look rather... flat and/or cut through a lot of things if its going to be deep. Using an object would give it more "texture" or add a nice rim around the cracks or some added decal effect? But then again how much of a danger would it be? An annoyance insted of a threat?
  6. they got some ideas, see later topic's about this. Don't really contact them directly as they would at times go through these things when they have time and try to find something intresting. Sometimes new ideas, how they would do some of these things I don't know. Check their trello roadmap.
  7. Cool work, for the tree thing I would rather have a container because of the objects being placed there and rendered. also having it on that platform blocks the 2 slots on either side. Else it looks great. Also do you have any ideas of more lowpoly plants or work? that plant was cool with its animation too!
  8. I won't really say more then. now just wait before any news on this.
  9. some astroid field could be fun. but landing in small things like that ;O I guess having something that you could manually move and collect stuff with, then this could be great. Also in the future there might be planets you would need some aircrafts, I would think.
  10. Then I would assume there would be a call feature and back to base. So when at that tether it would come make its path through the system down to that point it was called at. I would really like to see how this would go for the future and in multiplayer. If going with the machine setup I was thinking as a later game this could be an good way to make it go back and forth. Having collecters up that calls on it when its full to the connected tether. Also if some of the research objects has multiple steps this could be great too, also the market to sell stuff.
  11. that got to be laggy as ...^ wonder how you would optimize that ;O
  12. ehh, maybe for console users as they wanted (from another post) that a toggle and/or make it so you can then lock it at max range then move it around. As some controllers might have a hard time placing them right.
  13. well if a player is around its location where it saved should be well... saved. But maybe because things are moving and such it didn't find a spot in that location you could spawn at and then spawned you back at base?
  14. many posts about this... They have stated, they might want something like that for Xbox/PC. But rendering 2x can be quite a heavy task, so don't expect it to come any time soon or maybe at all?
  15. Resource collecters/miners They take longer time to mine Expensive to make but makes "profit" if you do it right It yeilds more then what is in a node/area of resources/resource pocket Ore deposits/nodes Either of hard material or out of a node resource this collecter could work on. (the collecter would snap to it and has an animation so its easy to place and use) With some of the "innards" of the planet the dev I think (adam) did suggest on working on in the future.(maybe) That I suggest to this is a hardness level would increase and maybe more going on the further you go into a planet and its "dungeons"/tunnels and more advanced stuff is used. Some planets would be hard to some softer? (wouldn't really work on the start for players though but could be fun?) its like a "level cap" for a few things, but could also be annoying/boring to keep getting f... by it. Again with containers Contain more space (16-20 slots?) expensive could cost less on your system really with more players? (insted of 100+ items floating around then having 7+ containers with them inside) Takes 4 slots to place it on. It could maybe rather be a storing unit/building insted with a lot more slots? So it also creates a base for all your stuff to come back to? By railroads (if that is what some of the devs are thinking about I would maybe rather have a flying drone because terrain issues and other various things) So putting them or connecting them with the resource collecters and a storage/chest/container. Getting from A to B when it needs to or by players? Cost a little bit more power then the rover/truck. always on? Moving by signal (player or resource collecter is done) Notifying the creator? Either by an object/tool or a little message.