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  1. bj0rnis

    Patch Schedule

    They always make a thread in the "Patch notes" forum and you will notice it on steam too.
  2. bj0rnis

    Xbox One multiplayer crashing..

    I can't speak for xbox but the multiplayer version on PC is really buggy. I hope that the devs prioritize to get multiplayer stable because the game really shines when playing with your friends.
  3. bj0rnis

    Ability to Name saves and remove saves?

    Yeah if you check the road map you will see that this is a feature that is on their list, however not prioritized.
  4. bj0rnis

    reduce fall damage on the moon

    Yeah the fall damage is ridiculous, you are not even going that fast. Really like the less gravity though, feels like a real astroneer :-)
  5. bj0rnis

    No Sound Effects In Space

    I agree with this. As of now it doesn't really feel like space with all the sounds.
  6. Hey everyone, First of, totally in love with the game and can't wait for the things to come. Something that hit me while exploring some deadly planets was the difficulty of keeping oxygen and energy level satisfactory. This is made a lot easier by the possibility to store mined oxygen and energy in nuggets, in other words not only in the tanks/batteries. I believe that it is better regarding the difficulty level but also through a "realism" perspective that you should not be able to store nuggets by them self in the inventory. You should only be able to store energy and oxygen in original tank/battery which could be increased by extra tanks/oxygen. When you mine oxygen/energy it should therefor only fill up your tanks/batteries to a max and then the mining will stop. What do you guys think?
  7. Well I would simply suffocate and hope to spawn near the spacecraft.
  8. bj0rnis

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Oh well I'm happy for you :-) Yeah I the rover seems to be working. Atm I'm driving the truck while having a rover with a big storage unit attached to it. Works OK but really fiddely. Thanks for the tip Lol.
  9. Yes It gets to heavy I think. Kinda funny though.
  10. I believe this is a bug. There were no problems when building platforms on the first planet. I could simple make one just like with the habitat. I did experience this bug at the next planet though. I could simply not create platforms from the shuttle. When I got back to my main planet (lucky I had enough fuel or else it would totally suck) I couldn't connect the shuttle to the base.
  11. Not really sure if the first one can be considered as a trick or not. I didn't think of this at first though. You can place nuggets (e.g. titanium) in the slots that you normally use for the wind wane or the small solar. This is handy when you are out of space and really need to fit something else. If the large wind wane doesn't spin even tough the wind is blowing, try moving it around the base, it will begin to spin where it catches the wind even though you haven't placed it anywhere.
  12. bj0rnis

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I actually tried that and it did not help me. I guess you thought about weight distribution? :-)
  13. bj0rnis

    Wind turbine does not work in a storm

    Try moving the wind turbine around, if it is behind something it's therefore shielded from the wind. You can actually hold the wind turbine in your hand to see where it will work.
  14. bj0rnis

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I can report that it works fine with the rover. I've attached two rovers together with a big storage unit on back rover. No clipping or jumping/flying. It is a pain to drive though, it gets stuck on the stones all the time.
  15. bj0rnis

    Bugs I've Noticed

    I too have had the pleasure of driving the truck. It was kind of hilarious at start but got kind of annoying after a while. I'm fine with it though :-) I think that the bug with the truck has something to do with weight, the more stuff I put on it the more it bugs. INFO: Steam, keybord/mouse, windows 10. Pic: