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  1. i will eventually be on, send me ur steam ID^^
  2. neat idea! i would start with the moon
  3. Hi there. on the solar map some planets are looking like cut in quaters and turned around by 90°. look funny^^ 1. keyboard + mouse 2. steam 3. nothing special
  4. DatSprayer

    Habitat deploy bug

    Hi there. I have 2 vehicle-bays on one of my bases with two spacecrafts, one small one big. Both carry habitat and stuff. the 2 habitat selfdeployed after a gameload, so the vehiclebays are useless. 1. Keyboard and mouse 2. steam 3. nothing special, just a habitat on a spacecraft that is parked on a vehiclebay. they were parked for some time, so full energy and no energy on base were happening some time.
  5. DatSprayer

    Astroneer 2.0 ONGOING

    good point
  6. DatSprayer


    great idea, pretty sure stuff in that direction will come!
  7. DatSprayer

    Updates about bug fixes?

    Well said Mithrandir^^ Lol, txs, i forgot to paste that in my comment^^
  8. DatSprayer

    How do you organize your itens? Share with us!

    btw, if they would not despawn ur storage-system would be the shiiiit! ^^
  9. DatSprayer

    How do you organize your itens? Share with us!

    this is a good way! I personaly have many storages. i put them on free spots in main base. lately i have build a new base next to my main just for holding those storages. btw: i only storage coal and titanium, like 32 each. from the rest i have a max of 1 storage, so 8. if needed i can order all i want from the trader with that high valuable coal/titanium.
  10. DatSprayer

    Questions and ...

    And btw: pls make shure that u post ur suggestions in the suggestion area of the forum to make shure the devs will see it!
  11. DatSprayer

    Questions and ...

    Hi Nsuidara. 1. you can disscover like 20 things atm. there is a post in this forum where they are all listed. 2. yes, atm the inventory holds only 8, but if u are creative 11 slots^^ In my oppinion that is far enough. if u go for farming runs just take a storage-truck/rover with u and in ur base u can manage a lot with storages. maybe they will expand in the future. 3. absolutely right, imo the trains are not useable atm^^ generally spoken: yes the stuff to do is limited atm. but that was expectable. it is PRE-alpha atm. the further time will go the more content(and that will be a lot) will be implemented. here is a roadmap, u can check for actual tasks and future projects! http://blog.astroneer.space/p/roadmap/
  12. DatSprayer

    "Home" Base like building?

    Agreed, good ideas. two things on that. 1st: pls make shure u post that in the suggestion area of the forum to make shure the devs will read it. 2nd: here is the roadmap of the dev-team. u can see what is actually planed and when they are on it to implement. http://blog.astroneer.space/p/roadmap/ best regards to my fellow Astroneers
  13. DatSprayer

    After a Few Hours of Play

    nice review anyway!
  14. DatSprayer

    Hotkey for switching seats

    That are good ideas! Please post them in the suggestion area of the forum to make shure the devs will see it.
  15. DatSprayer

    Updates about bug fixes?

    Here is the roadmap of the devs. U can check their priorised tasks and u can see what new feature is when in progress. this should answer some of ur questions, my fellow Atroneers