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  1. 16 minutes ago, Kantanshi said:

    00:00 - 8:04 Setting up base and finding cave
    08:05 - 23:49 Finding some research pods and materials to finish basic base
    23:50 - 26:58 Opening research pods
    26:59 - 31:47 Finding 3 more pods
    31:48 - 34:10 Juggling 3 pods back to base to open them / shuttle researched

    Use the time links to skip to what you want to see or just watch the whole thing I guess.

    This is good. You should see if you could get this pinned in its own thread maybe called like "the basics for beginners in astroneer" or something 

  2. 29 minutes ago, Marck said:

    I can show you how it relates to Astroneer...

    There you have it. Again. A very example of the same mind-setting that is addressed in the video, in a mild form, but basically the same. Why should you, the developers, or anybody care about players trading hydrazine only? It does not affect anybody else besides the player who is doing it. Why must a player follow exactly one way of playing a game, and other ways are not acceptable?

    This has been discussed many times before. It's the developers right to take it out of their game if they see fit. You just bought the right to play it. You want to use the hydrazine farm... well guess what buddy it's not there anymore. Move on. Let the developers do their thing. If you do not like that, stop playing. That's all you can do. This thread has gone on long enough with people telling you the exact same thing, but you keep saying the same things and everyone keeps saying the same things in response. Let this thread die and just wait for astroneers next few updates and see where the game goes. You can take the hydrazine farm serious, I don't care regardless, what I don't like seeing is people tell you reasons of why the developers saw the need to take it out(at least for now) and you just come back saying that they basically had no right when it is their game. We are helping them with feedback and ideas. Let's just end this back and forth of you saying what a few people want and others saying what they want. It's all been said and it's literally repeated itself through this thread at least three times now. I'm not trying to be rude or mean or anything, but sometimes you just have to learn to let go and just see where things lead for this game. They have definitely seen all sides of this argument by now..let's see what they choose to do about it. Be patient and watch. 

  3. 18 minutes ago, Kantanshi said:

    I see lines drawn in several places but I do not understand what you are trying to suggest.

    From what I'm understanding from the link is that the arrows are pointing at sections of how big the vehicle stating it is would be(there are other lines cutting it in half and quarters). As far as the last image, I think hes trying to say combine  all those vehicles as if they were one. 

  4. 9 hours ago, Kantanshi said:
    land or territory.
    (in science fiction) the planet earth.
    (in science fiction) an inhabitant of the planet Earth.
    (in science fiction) relating to the planet Earth or its inhabitants.
    Am I missing something or did you actually mean to say that it would terraform the other planets to be like Terra?

    Guess I was a little misleading with the way I was stating it.  I meant that since basically the planet  you start off has similar qualities to earth (a moon, day and night cycles, plant life) that the module would bring earth like qualities in the radius around it(example is it would bring growth of plants, possibly water, a perimeter of oxygen around the module itself that you wouldn't need a tether of some sort to help your character sustain their oxygen. All of this could actually be used to bring in farming also). From what I'm understanding about the game is that the planet we start off on is not earth based on the summary of the game and how you're in a space station(the main menu) when you originally enter the game despite the planet being called Terran. Now none of what I just said is considered fact. I don't want to be misleading anyone here. I'm saying that with the information that we are handed to us through the game, the website and inferring, that we cannot state that the planet Terran is suppose to be earth(even by definition) when there is other information conflicting with that idea(unless I missed something that the developers, themselves, had said). Which is where my idea comes in..making it earth or earth-like. 

  5. Just an idea. I think it would be a cool add-on for the game that hematite would be used to create a new module that when placed, similar like a habitat, it would attach to the surface. This hematite module would require x amount of astronium to run and when running, it converts a certain radius around the module to convert itself into earth like land(basically reterraforming the planet to be more like earth). This is just a thought that came to me, seeing that hematite and astronium are basically end game resources. Makes sense to end the game with terraforming Terran (an earth like planet) into a planet that would be able to sustain earth like qualities. This would add a new aspect and beauty to the game, but I could also see this putting stress on the game save. Still an idea that should be looked at. Tell me what you guys think. 

  6. 7 hours ago, Mgamerz said:

    Or please at least make it an option to have the category system (like now) or just get new stuff from every new item. Last night I played for like 6 HOURS and I never got a habitat, space shuttle/ship, or battery equipment. I had like 10 lithium. I play games for fun, and this new research system is just so tedious and not fun. I get that it makes you attempt to explore but when I don't get anything that LETS me explore I just feel like quitting. I researched like 60 items and got literally everything except what I need to explore and set up new bases.

    Ever since the new research method it takes so long to get research that I quit because the framerate becomes too low to continue playing (less than 10) by the time I get anything useful. Even when I get a spaceship, going to another planet is like 90% failure rate in a group as they can't see anything I put down (as host). We've played off and on for like 5 months and we have never once been able to explore tundra/arid/radiated.

    If you're looking for something specific and you don't want to wait the long list of research pods you'll have to go through to get it, there's a way around it. You can collect about 5- 10 pods save your game and then start researching them, as long as you get a new research from one of those pods you can take the other steps in about to say. If you don't like the research that you just received, close out of your game without saving and then load it back up and try again. The new research will typically be different once you unlock it. 

  7. 6 hours ago, YellingDonut said:

    No joke, 20 crates and I'm still not able to research the storage. I've researched vehicle storage though. I see a lot  of people not being able to research different kinds of technologies. Does anyone know what is going on? Might be a bug? It is pretty annoying since I can't develop my base further.

    It'll come, took me about 50-100 pods to get the last piece of research. 

  8. 1 hour ago, spinlock_1977 said:

    The last 20 crates I've opened have been resources, or nothing.  I'm still missing the drill head, and the inhibitor augment.  I've probably got 20 maybe 25 hours into this save, but it looks like no hope of getting these last two.  Make that three - I don't have the oxygen tank either.  I did unlock something called 'oxygen', but neither  backpack nor 3d printer offered up anything to make from that.

    Is there some weird situation where you can't unlock EVERYTHING?  Is the game making it so hard to get the last few unlocks that it's pretty much impossible?  Does the slope on that pesky research curve get so steep at the end that one can never unlock everything?

    All I can say is that my life won't be complete until I can drill Lithium on Arid and fill my Terran base with batteries.  And with no drill head, that ain't gonna happen.

    Oxygen tank is bugged right now. The inhibitor is received from crash sites researches and the drill head will eventually come from the others. 

  9. 1 hour ago, jimbenninger said:

    Please restore the ability to stand on an up pillar while using the terrain tool.  I use it as an elevator in the mines.

    I'm sure they stopped this at least for now because if your game would lag or you were playing multiplayer it would glitch you through the floor and you'd die. 

  10. 14 minutes ago, xeryan said:

    Leaving the planet fixed that, thanks

    Cannot say how to reproduce it doh, must be a certain strange sequence

    Not a problem. it may have been the first transition between barren and Terran that caused that to happen. 

  11. must be a certain sequence of activity that creates this. Like I've said I've had this happen before but I was always able to fix it on my own. Did you try picking up all your tethers and leaving barren and coming back and seeing what happens?

  12. 1 hour ago, Kantanshi said:

    To avoid a UI, as the SES team desires, everything has to have an indicator on the backpack.  There's only so much room available before it becomes some behemoth you have strapped to your back.

    i just don't see how they are going to not have to add another bar of some sort with the direction of where their road map(even if it's outdated) is leading.

  13. I guess I see it, but I can also see it being game breaking in a sense. Like I said before it's only my opinion. lol what do I know I don't have their train of thought. They can literally lead this game anywhere at the point it is at in its development right now.  

  14. 4 minutes ago, solidsteve14 said:

    I think it would be cool if modules could be moved it around. Currently the platforms they sit on are all the same, which seem to be equivalent to two double slots. Imagine being able to rearrange your base if you want to, remove modules to build again on the same platform, or take them with you to have a mobile base on your vehicles. There would still need to be the same power constraints which would be more difficult to maintain on vehicles. 

    Adding the research module to a vehicle was my main motivation for this idea. I want to be able to go do lots of research far away without having to come back to base every time.

    My opinion only. In theory this sounds great, but at the same time to have mobile modules I feel like it would make the game too easy. Even with the same power constraints. As far as rearranging the base around to make it a better layout, that I could really get on board with. Also for your research problem, you could get two rovers or trucks connect them and if you have the storage upgrade for vehicles, that will help. 

  15. 17 hours ago, Marck said:

    I have not tried it myself, but in addition to what Lithium said, you could try to put a hydrazine canister on the node and chain ignite that one with a dynamite placed next to the node.

    Is it possible to put 2 additional resin nuggets onto the node to change it into a platform and then try to blow it up with dynamite?


    13 hours ago, Kantanshi said:

    I don't think hydrazine will do it.  I tried putting about 20 canisters under a spacecraft and it didn't blow it up.  Just ended up with a very large hole and a spacecraft hovering over it.


    22 hours ago, Lithium said:

    Try placing a second dynamite next to the platform, and detonate it in chain.

    I've tried everything and have been able to recreate the problem. Basically you can have your base in a straight line going in this order of connection: habitat-- empty resin module-- empty resin module -- printer

    you can dynamite the printer and it'll go away. You try to dynamite the empty resin module next and not only does it not blow up, it's also a nightmare to hit the trigger on the dynamite because the module is always trying to extend itself. Also after blowing up the printer, you should be able to put two resin in the resin module to create a new platform for a station. That does not work at all. The two resin will just sit in that empty resin module as if it's two organic or compound or anything else but resin. I'm sure it's a bug being that I was able to recreate this problem and have already posted it in the bug section, but thank you guys for trying to help. Much appreciated. 

  16. 1 hour ago, Eoghan said:

    I concur. Is there really a point having yet another Minecraft clone but with different planets and much prettier graphics?

    One of the guiding principles at SES seems to have as little interface as possible. If a player has to think that a hostile plant/animal has an attack level of 3 but his armor is only level 2 and he will therefore take [formula] damage, that doesn't seem to fit with the KISS game philosophy.

    Think this is being a little dramatic with what I was saying. And they are going to have to change up the interface if they follow the road map because it says they are looking at adding hunger in the game. 

  17. 59 minutes ago, KonvoiR said:

    Create a separate topic at the top of the forum with the title "What do developers want to know?". Then the active and reading part of the community will not think about polls and other unnecessary things. Moderators will have less work, if we exclude, for example, the general theme of "IDEA". (Where, by the way, is full of similar ideas).
    The sequence of actions is the best solution for achieving any goal.

    In addition, developers will receive an additional working tool - the collective consciousness of the players))) Which they can use for a comprehensive discussion of the problem that arose in the process of creation anything.

    They do say a game that we(developers) and the community have made together. Meaning they are accepting new ideas. This is why everyone is coming together. They'd have to go through the ideas regardless. They have a small workforce so that's why the mods are helping as much as they can. I say this could go better but as it is right now, it's not the worst.