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  1. I was just wondering, do the developers even acknowledge any bug reports or suggestions? I've noticed there are many members of the community proactively reporting bugs and suggesting great new things, but you never see a reply from a staff member simply thanking them for their efforts. Does System Era even read our bug reports? If so, why not reply and acknowledge us that you did? There seems to be a nasty disconnection between the developers and the community, and overall I find it very discouraging, almost as if the developers do not care what the players have to say. Is there eve
  2. They've been aware for a year now and still no fix??? Uh...
  3. Hi there, Just reporting a very simple bug that can be fixed in one single edit. I've noticed for unlocking a technology, you must have bytes GREATER than what it lists. I.e. to research the small solar array, it is listed as a cost of 400 Bytes, however you cannot purchase it unless you have 401 Bytes or greater... (See attached image) So I'm assuming someone mistakenly used bytes > 400 instead of bytes >= 400... Should be a trivial fix, now let's see if anyone from the team reads this...
  4. It's been a while... I'm interested if any of the newer players agree and think this idea is realistic and great.
  5. Totally agree with you. I think I remember reading somewhere that this was already planned, to expand upon the automation of base production.
  6. Yes, everything should be balanced to provide an optimal experience. Honestly, I think this is one of the most important features that should make it to the game. The feature would heavily complement the industrial/production aspect by allowing for things like pipelines and it would also expand on additional vehicle attachments. A space/physics games would feel very weird and out of place without something so basic, a state of matter ... liquid. I've already made it clear that the vast majority of the functionality can be duplicated from current systems, this would take little effort
  7. Yes, I imagined a pump for vast bodies of liquid. However, I would assume that you could deplete some smaller sources of water/valuable fuels which may render the infrastructure built to acquire it as useless (more incentive for exploration). The geyser idea is clever as well, however I don't think it can last forever because it may remove the need of further exploration for resources. But yes, a complete liquid mechanic which includes mobile tanks and also pipes built from your base is a must! The current mechanics for power essentially is what is needed for the most part, which gre
  8. So it was already confirmed that bodies of water will eventually be added to the game. Something practical that would be a great addition is expanding upon the initial idea of bodies of water and extend that to include bodies of other liquids such as hydrazine or oil. One would attach a pump instead of a drill onto the crane and siphon up the liquid into a large 2x2 liquid tank attached to your truck (or the liquid could just appear as an object similar to what hydrazine is now). This could be a great way to collect hydrazine or future chemicals in the future. Additionally you could also