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  1. Old Guy

    Terrain tool

    Dear Didgeman, I love the videos. I watched this guy build a sky bridge that was very cool. It seems that he is using a desktop computer where I am using an Xbox. The Xbox seems more glitchy (falling through the ground while flattening). But what I'm really after is not flat walls. I'm trying to make slopes and grades. I'd like to build a motorcross course complete with a loopty loop. I understand how to use the tools as they are presently. I'm looking for more control over the terrain tool's functions. I'd like to be able to select my plane automatically without having to "add a little, smooth a little" and then selecting just the perfect piece of ground to set my plane with. Why not have the option of selecting the plane by the touch of a button and eliminating all the fuss?!?! That way I don't have to cuss under my breathe saying words that would make a sailor blush. Also, if there was a slow fill function, I could fill the selected area's low spots bringing the area up gradually instead of the computer selecting an angle and tweaking the ground up at a 60°angle. If the programers are looking for ways to make this game more enjoyable instead of a test of my mental endurance; there are a few easy things that could be done to achieve that.
  2. Old Guy

    Terrain tool

    Have you ever tried to make a banked ramp?
  3. Old Guy

    New platforms

    New platforms like one for repair tools or special charging station that are available like a rover. i.e. Make a platform like a rover to be pulled by the truck. Thenyou can travel for longer distances, set up a station other than a habitat that can be placed and then moved again. The platform can have places for a battery, solar panel, etc. and have the ability to join with another platform for extra batteries for night time travel. A trade platform that moves resources from one settlement or remote platform to another. Ship blasts off and some time later returns having gone to those other areas. Maybe it needs hydrazine to get to where it needs to go. Limited distance, and takes longer for farther distance. Storage depot: stores things like a vending machine. You stock it and can access what's been stored. Landing platform: I've landed on my rover, truck, and shuttle before. Sometimes having a difficult time accessing my spaceship because it won't differenciate between the two when trying to board. It would be nice to have a landing platform that you could stock with hydrazine that would fill the spaceship automatically after you land. Maybe it could be linked with the fuel condenser or the fuel condenser could be loaded with hydrazine crystals that processes them like a smelter.
  4. Old Guy

    Storm damage

    I'd like there to be a way for the structures or things I create to receive damage from those rocks that fly around in the storm. Then a way to repair the damage. Possibly having to create specialized tools to work on the specific items made on something other than the printer that aren't visible but are available for use. I.e. The solar panel gets a direct hit with a rock. Bam! Is is totaled or do I need to get some material to make components to fix it. Also, other than building underground, building walls with the terrain tool that blocks some of that, progressing to some other structures that guard against damage.
  5. Old Guy


    Something I love to do is build. I could spend hours doing this. I'd like to be able to create my own structures from a set of walls, floors, etc. like Fallout 4 but space age stuff.
  6. Old Guy

    New tools

    It would be fun to have a bulldozer or some attachments for an excavator. Large crane with a gabber to lift large objects Something to clear those pesky rocks out of my work space More control over the unwieldy drill. (Pull the left trigger to focus the drill head?) Hover board or better yet a land cuiser like in Star Wars. A remote solar array with a hard line to areas underground Hard lines in addition to tethers A function for the tethers that automatically places them at the farthest distance they can extend from the last tether. Then instead of taking extra time manipulating the tether, I can just swing it in a circle from the last tether. You could also set it less than the full distance by some button function.
  7. I would love if this game had more tools, vehicles, and stuff. After gathering and researching about 150 "Unknown" items, I have discovered all the possibilities of what to create. I'd like to "unlock" different technology and tools for my hoarding efforts. Possibly a schematic on how to build that cool solar array you find from a crashed ship. I still have to try to link something up to it and see if it charges batteries. Maybe I could discover ancient alien technology in a cave or find some abandoned base or structure to investigate for parts to make something, leading toward colonization perhaps? Possibilities abound.
  8. Falling through the planet happens quite often will using the terrain tool. It doesn't seem to happen on a brand new file as much. I have overcome this by spamming "A" and end up a on the surface eventually. Sometimes that doesn't work and I find myself dead at the bottom of a cave.
  9. Old Guy


    I have been playing on the Xbox One. I have 4 or 5 habitats on three different planets. I started a new file yesterday and was amazed at how well the terrain tool worked. Talking with my son, he says he never uses tethers unless he has to because he's found that this creates more lag. It seems the more I create, the slower the game gets. In my first file I move so slow its like watching a slow motion camera. I don't know of a way to adjust the graphics in this system and I don't want to spend another $20 to install this on my computer. It would be nice if I could purchase this game once for my household. The reason I bought this game was to find a platform where I could interact with my son. Right now I'm not sure this game is worth the $20 I paid for the pre alpha version on the Xbox. Will you be solving this problem soon?
  10. Old Guy

    Terrain tool

    The terrain tool often tilts the area out of the plane I want it at. I have spent hours using this tool trying to get it to do what I want. I'm trying to make a banked ramp. I have used the "dig" function and "create" function over large area and selectively using the "flatten" function to created the plane that I desire. I've posted some ideas in the suggestion column hoping that there could be something developed to overcome these difficulties. It seems other people are experiencing the same problem. I love this game. It could be better than Minecraft, which I will never play. I've watched my son play it and I am not interested. I love the graphics in this game.
  11. Old Guy

    Terrain tool

    I'd really like a fill option and a few other variations available within a terrain tool bar. For instance: * setting the angle of the circle * slow fill * level large area * blend areas together * angle or degree reading option I've been trying to make a banked slope. I'll be posting some related information in the problem section regarding the terrain tool. When I select an area to make flat, the computer chooses a certain angle based on what's within the circle. Sometimes this causes the area to turn a completely different way than I intend.
  12. The terrain tool makes me want to throw things at my t.v.. What would be awesome is to be able to push the right stick down and move the circle to a certain plain so that I can create ramps easier.