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  1. Wow! Great, thank you! I will try this for sure.
  2. I have an idea - can someone who already build Trade Platform send me their save game so I'll try to run it on my system? And we'll see if it appears on my system or not. BTW is anyone ever tried to use save from another player?
  3. That is why I usually fill up the hole back when I dig out all of the resources from it. Partly because I don't want to fall into, and partly because I secretly hoping that resource will grow back once I close this hole and give it some time ))
  4. Animals, nature hazards, weather hazards - I welcome this. But NOT wars and weapons and and other PvP elements (not even with AI) I really frakkin' hate those type of games when you build economy, relaxed and determined and then suddenly you have to build ships, weapons, space cruisers... you name it. Can we just be in peace? ))
  5. One of the biggest priorities for me, and I think many others will agree - to fix sudden "underground journey" trough the textures with inevitable death at the end. Every time I build high ground under my feet I risk to fall thru the ground, as it happened many time with me and many of you did suffer from this too.
  6. It is well known that there is more Research objects than updates itself, so at some point when you opened all available techs you will receive nothing from new objects you encounter for the first time. And as long you don't have all the available buildings or items to produce you should not see empty research result. But Trade Platform somewhere in those list of updates. And I don't have one. Is there a way to fix it I wonder? Or how can I report my bug. Maybe to run some test, gather some technical information and send some useful logs to developers?
  7. Playing completely new game, even deleted old saves. But exactly the same was in 119 for me, nothing is changed. I am stunned ((
  8. Hello everyone! Decided to write here about Trade Platform. The problem is - I don't have one! I don't know what I am doing wrong, but new items for Research don't unveil anything. I tried 2 or 3 of them and after Research finished nothing appears. So it looks like I opened every tech update there is. But I still don't have Trade Platform. I attached some video where you can see that I place new item on Research and nothing appears. It's in Russian, but it is doesn't matter - you clearly can see that nothing appears after Research and as I going through possible buildings - no
  9. I fell into that thing, if you not die from the teeth you'll be trapped inside anyway. So you die ))
  10. Wow, newer saw this element before, Looks like it's something for the future techs, or maybe leftover from discontinued ones like that geothermal thing.
  11. BTW, why things like this happening? I don't have my own printer. but I thought that process quite straightforward - you tell him what to do and he doing this. Why the dismemberment? ))
  12. Russians?? Sorry... but why? Что сразу русские-то? ))
  13. Surely I will do it too. My friend with 3D printer still on vacation, once he'll return we will try to print some little guys )) Pity that I am sucks at painting small details and parts, I am afraid if I will try to paint it I will spoil everything with my clumsy hands. Looks like Iam gonna find someone who will paint it for me, will have to pay I guess )) And other things - still trying to figure out where to find those magnets you used for your project. It's not like we have them in every hardware store here. But I am staying optimist here ))
  14. Let me connect to you and I will fly with some fuel to save you LOL )))