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  1. Summary: A white dashed line appear from the end of a tractor trailer up to "somewhere else". Description: Sometimes, (I only noticed it today, twice) a white dashed line is visible like in this screenshot (no spoiler). In my case it links the rear of my caravan (one tractor, two trailers) and "somewhere else" (I don't know where). A little before I took this screenshot, I was in another location, the white line pointed somewhere else (down to the ground). The line disappear if we look in the direction where it points, and only appeared whe I wa
  2. I made it back \o/ I finally found two laterites actually very close of where I landed. The terrain on Atrox is indeed treacherous and very hard to navigate. Visibility is very low with quite some fog + it seems to be dark 3/4 of the time. To celebrate I took the tractor for a spin around the equator to unlock the 4 teleporters there. That was really cool !
  3. Two more hours in, it was indeed simple to locale resine, composite and even amonium, and print most of what I need. I also found glass and was able to print an oxygen canister, which combined with filters actually gives you a good range. I also discover that you can hold and move your shuttle, which is handy as you can move your source of oxygen. However I was totally unable to locate either laterite or caves. When I dig down I reach some yellow/orange bedrock that I cannot drill at least without mods. Should I continue searching for laterite/aluminium ? Actually I do
  4. Well, I am on Atrox with 1 light, 2 composite, 7 thethers, no oxygenator... ^^ If I am not mistaken I need 1 aluminium and 1 amonium to print the thruster. Because of the alu, I need 1 fusion oven, 1 platform, the three first printers, which are all only resine and composite. That's doable, depending how far I can find composite, because since I don't have an oxygenator, I can only have oxygen very close to the shuttle or by consuming composite... It will be fun indeed !
  5. Hey everyone ! So after a couple hours In, I got the great idea to take the small shuttle for a spin. I landed on another planet, then took off again and then boom the small thruster exploded, which prevented the small shuttle to leave orbit. I can land but the thing is, I took ZERO equipment with me... I can land again, but dying respawns you at the shuttle. Is there anything I can do that do not involve rebuilding my whole civilization from the ground up, up to the point I can print another thruster ? Thanks !
  6. While the devs definitely have many other things to do, I don't think having the compass appear when we are inside a vehicle would be that hard. And it is also in my top-list of quality of life improvements. All the stars and beacon-based navigation is great, and the compass is indeed not needed at all on the surface, but unfortunately all this useless when you are underground (you can cover a great deal of terrain in the big caves). The simplest thing I think would be to make the compass toggable (I which modding would come soon...)
  7. Il faut le mettre dans l'un des slot puis aspirer le sol. L'analyseur va se remplir d'une couleur. Lorsque la barre est plein, tu peux l'utiliser pour peindre. Il faut donc un analyseur par couleur de sol. Pour la recherche nommée Oxygène (ainsi que celle qui n'a pas de nom), ce sont bien des technologies, mais qui ne sont pas encore dans le jeu apparement.
  8. Hey As the title said, since the new update, I researched something called "Oxygen" (See https://youtu.be/iAdCpzRSWKY?t=12m27s), but I couldn't craft anything new in any of the buildings or backpack. It was while researching the Yellow cube, on Steam, with french language and a save that I started before the update. I don't remember if I already researched that cube before Anyone knows what it is ?
  9. L'un des modules est "l'inhibiteur" qui supprime la capacité de creuser le sol. Cela permet justement de pouvoir peindre sans creuser, mais aussi de récolter ce qui est en surface (les plantes et bouts d'énergie et d'oxygène). Les devs ont aussi dit aujourd'hui qu'une mise à jour très prochaine rendra l'imprimante et le quai des véhicules débloqué par défaut à nouveau, parce que là en effet, c'est trop dur.
  10. Concrètement le gros changement pour la recherche est que chaque type de coffre de recherche sera plus ou moins lié à différentes catégories (véhicule terrestre, véhicule spatiaux, backpack, outil de terrain, etc...). Lorsqu'un coffre est recherché, une catégorie va être sélectionnée selon un hasard pondéré, selon le type de coffre. C'est à dire que par exemple la catégorie "véhicule terrestre" a 50% de chance de tomber alors que les autres n'ont que 25%. Une fois la catégorie sélectionnée, c'est un "slot de recherche" qui est sélectionné, avec ce même principe de pondération. C
  11. Same here. Steam Desktop 131. It's pretty easy to come by but I never experienced it before, nor have seen it reported, so I guess it was introduced in 131 ?
  12. Maybe it's not a bug. Maybe the "oxygen" tank is built as a generic purpose, high pressure tank. It's only called "oxygen tank" because it's its only use for now. It's coherent with the fact that despite being twice smaller than the main oxygen tank, it holds the same amount (70secs).
  13. So I tried that seed and if you don't have chances, it's really hard. Before recording the first video where I got bingo in about 40mins, I did it once in only 23mins. After fixing the bug with the item pool that I discovered after the video I tried it again but actually didn't completed it, I could have have but after dying away from the base and spawing at it, it would have taken me al least 10-20 minutes to craft a new rover... https://astroneerbingo.space/12022017@a1e20isavx9ykbz3uwow3@4
  14. What happens when you put these "high pressure hydrazine tanks" in a shuttle ? Do they actually contains twice the quantity of hydrazine as a standard stack ?
  15. Yes there already is some real-life spacecrafts to find : sputnik, mariner 10, voyager, hubble, new horizons and kepler. Also +1 for the idea of scattered tapes/recordings !