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  1. I guess I will just wait to get the other probes out cause the new update made it almost impossible to use the rover
  2. I left astroneer for some time but I decided to come back and start a new game and now I remember how much fun I had. But from what i recall easter eggs were very rare, I was exploring two caves which were very close to each other but I didn't expect to find all of this! (note: in some pictures I organized my findings they were not originally like this) Also is there a way I can take the probes out so I can add it to my easter egg collection.
  3. So i decided to bring 2 crashed pods which were in the bunch of wreckages to my base I also found another dead astronaut in a crater in barren.
  4. So when i started a new game the first thing i saw was a wreckage, not only one but three! One was on a mountain, one was a solar array and just 3 others just lying around. So decided to go in a cave nearby and it split into 3 areas one lead straight one right and the other left i decided to go straight. The first thing a saw was a dead astronaut he had titanium an oxygen tank and a dynamite. When i turned around i saw another one! He had the same things but had a different suit. I decided to go deeper when I found another one! He had the same thing only that this time he had astronium. I decided to cover their bodies using the tool and make crosses in respect. I don't know if this is a bug or i'm just very lucky.
  5. It would be cool if you part of a rescue team sent to recover some lost astronauts (dead astronauts) and only find to remains of their rockets and them. Because of this you need to complete what they didn't which was to colonize all the alien planets you can. Also it would be awesome if there were other astronauts, like some of them in the satellite (the one in the main menu) giving you tips,orders or warnings about incoming storms.