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    Crash on Launch: UE4-Astro Error

    Same here...submit the bug report. I'm going to uninstall and reinstall (I tried a Steam verify cache but that didn't work).
  2. FuzzDad - Steam - Vehicle Physics

    Make a large rover, single seat, battery in front...a wind turbine in front and drive backwards on flat terrain and frontwards going up mountains. Weight is now on front wheels and the rover does well...I can climb almost vertical mountains with that setup.
  3. Is one of those special lighted up soccer or zebra balls around? If so...that can keep you from clicking on anything else in the vicinity. Maybe one is right below the lander (underground). If so...move it away from your lander.
  4. FuzzDad

    When will my floaty truck come back?

    Apparently known issue for the last nine months...but seems to be getting worse. I can't keep a truck for more than a few saves before it's off or under the planet. I wonder if it has something to do w/the number of objects you make/place/clear...
  5. FuzzDad

    Front of Rover flippiing Up

    Clearly known over nine months ago. Love the game but it's stupid to build trucks anymore...you just loose them in a few saves. Trucks are no longer fun to use...waste of energy and supplies to keep losing them. My last attempt to save the truck ended w/me at the core of the planet strapped to my truck. I ejected out (tab) and flew up to the first cave. Trippy flight up. I walked a bit, picking up oxygen and power as I went and dug up when I hit pink and ended up only a short distance from my base. Dumb luck of course...but nine months for what looks to be a fairly decent bug seems way long to me. I suspect they would have fixed this a while ago...something is keeping them from doing so. Maybe a move to a different physics engine...dunno...but this Alpha/Beta whatever...needs to fix this one.
  6. FuzzDad

    Front of Rover flippiing Up

    Seems to be on the PC as well... I even tried putting my vehicles in a tunnel...that didn't work either...
  7. Yea...it's pretty consistent across all platforms. Circular radius of the ball zone (lol) is bigger than the rover:
  8. This...it has persisted through at least two patches (although occasionally it works) and there's an interesting minor twist...a tiny amount of charging takes place when you try and connect (and you get the tether pulling away). So somewhere in the code it "makes" the connection, juice flows for a millisecond, and immediately pulls away.
  9. FuzzDad

    Patch 201 Zebra Ball Zoning(pc)

    Same thing here...range on mouse pickup is about the size of a truck...anytime your cursor is in the vicinity it picks up on the ball (short video I made). I also found multiple balls in my world...zebra and soccer. Windows 10 Pro i7 4770 @3.50GHz 16GB Ram MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X
  10. FuzzDad

    falling through map

    On this latest build all the terrain around my base is all screwed up...huge gaps in the vertex's exposing the view underneath...and if I walk through them I fall through the map. Windows 10, Core i7, GTX 1070. Here...my front truck fell through. Funny though...I was able to put a chair on the rover in the last position and pull the front truck out.