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    Backpack Upgrade

    Please consider updating the backpack: Breakup the oxygen bar and the battery bar into multiple sections (maybe 3). Instead of having one full oxygen tank as the oxygen bar, just have one oxygen canister attached to one section. Then, later in the game, a player can add additional oxygen canisters to increase the oxygen capacity without using up the available slots. Eventually, one of the sections on the oxygen bar can be used for a portable oxygenator. The same would go for battery power. In the beginning, the player would start with one small battery, and later be able to add additional batteries to complete the battery bar. Eventually, one would be able to exchange all of the batteries for portable RTGs (hopefully they are coming soon), and would be able to power a base or a vehicle straight from the backpack (a reverse of drawing power from the base). With the portable oxygenator and portable RTGs in the backpack, would would be free to roam the landscape for ever. Thank you.