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  1. Walked thru an area of a cave and there were no resources on the ground. In a new session resources have appeared.
  2. christ93

    Xbox - 0.7.0 - Few terrain issues

    This explains all of the resources I found in the cave below my base. I just left mine on the surface, didn't dig little pits for them.
  3. Just had the same message on Xbox. I had just picked up the extenders and got the message. Got rid of the extenders and the message went away.
  4. Hopefully this is just a visual bug
  5. Resumed a new save and found the rover merged into the ground. I was able to dig it out.
  6. For the orange suit. Also emotes 1 and 2 have no sound.
  7. christ93

    Xbox One X No cursor in catalog

    Can confirm. Same thing happened to me.
  8. christ93

    Christmas tethers ?

  9. christ93

    Module nodes ( Steam)

    1 is also happening on Xbox as well.
  10. christ93

    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    Loving the update.
  11. christ93

    Some thoughts on latest release Patch 221

    Patch is out on Xbox and Steam. Just updated both.