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  1. Christmas tethers ?

  2. Module nodes ( Steam)

    1 is also happening on Xbox as well.
  3. "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    Loving the update.
  4. Some thoughts on latest release Patch 221

    Patch is out on Xbox and Steam. Just updated both.
  5. Creating a tank crashes the game back to the dashboard.
  6. I created a new save on Xbox and ran into the same problem. I found a tank on a dead body and it wont fill with air.
  7. 1.7 GB Update on X1?

    I got the update on an Original Xbox One. 219 is most likely the 4K asset update.
  8. Just ran into this last night on Xbox. Thanks for the video.
  9. First screenshot was taken at 6:08 PM. Second was taken at 9:30ish.
  10. I let it run for 3 hours. Screenshots attached
  11. Go to the title screen with the space station, put the controller down and walk away. The station will slowly fall off the bottom of the screen. This is a really really slow process. You can still rotate thru the saves and suits. I will post screenshots later.
  12. I had tethers connected to a vehicle parked at my base. I came out of a cave and noticed that part of the line of tethers was dead but still keeping me alive. Watch the video and notice the floating rover at the end
  13. Sitting Emote

    Double bump the d-pad?