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  1. i agree with pretty much everything you said. making the small shuttle grabbable would enable you to get it out of the way to make room for something else to be built on the vehicle bay as well. i usually end up making a couple vehic bays for that reason. it is an annoyance.
  2. if you prioritize what you bring back you really only need to go to like, two other planets before you can unlock the medium spaceship, which just uses hydrozine. I do start worrying when amonium starts getting scarce around my base. i can only bring back so many from other planets with the medium ship.
  3. idk, you can find tungsten in wrecks on barren, Iron i have yet to find. the chem lab doesn't require iron however.
  4. aha! so exotic and tundra have the iron... been all over barren, terran and radiated looking for it. while i enjoy the update i agree does seem odd we all have to take the same path to choose our planet of choice.
  5. I use it because it's the quickest way to get started but i hear ya about getting in the way. I don't understand why it is so big. i would prefer to just get rid of it and do it another, more compact way.
  6. only thing different from most of your lists is I never use the worklight, always use the power mods, never use large solar panels or large wind vanes (just use a ton of small ones), and only use the printer for the large battery and medium storage. also i could care less about dynamite.
  7. I like my astroneers like I like my steak, fat and waddly.
  8. I always take my strip mines into the ground. one entrance and that's it. no mess on the top and 360 degrees of dirt to dig. and usually lots of caves to explore as you mine.
  9. yup, time to do some cave exploring to find what you need.
  10. personally, i don't have a very good sense of direction. if they got rid of tethers i would probably end up wandering around lost in caverns a lot of the time.
  11. i have never got a roll i couldn't work with. there isn't enough end-game stuff anyways. personally, i welcome a hard start. makes the game last longer and be more rewarding. pretty much any roll you get you can still succeed, just takes a little more effort.
  12. that's pretty much all that the hangers drop anymore. if you get lucky you can get tethers or a small battery from them as well. always worth killing them.
  13. I like the update. between gathering power from caves and the generators u can get some bytes added up pretty quick. i have four research bays running on this save, with about a dozen small wind vanes and small solar. didn't take too long to unlock the medium battery. research does seems to be a little more scarce to find now.
  14. I dearly miss those hangy things giving out organic. always came in handy when on another world where organic is rare. they still drop tethers and small batteries though.