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  1. Didgeman

    Sharegame Option

    I know where i find the savefiles but it is not a great way to share a it
  2. Didgeman

    Sharegame Option

    I play most Time Astroneer in Multiplayer since the last years. Ok, there are Lags Bugs and other things but still love Multiplayer. I was copiing Savefile, upload to my Brother and share it so that you can play solo on the Same map and so on. Now i tested an other Game called "YLANDS". And there is an Option called Sharegame. You play a Game, set an Passwort and indiviual Name and get individual ID, and when you End the Game the Savefile will Saved, idk where. All Player that already had played in that game can start Solo with this Sharegame (First one gets Host), and a second player just can join.
  3. Didgeman

    Help with resources

    It is for the Generator you can build in your Printer
  4. Didgeman

    I'm stuck in a Habitat

    Get a friend and try if he can kill you and the habiat with explosiv
  5. Didgeman

    Terrain Smoothing

    I think this will be hard with the architecture of the game. The complete Planet is build of Pyramids and there is evry 45 degrees a perfect flatten so ist has to go out in space. Bulding an example for the core in 3D builder. From there it wll be just going bigger
  6. Didgeman

    Strange Organic Material

    Yes, just place it in an Generator for Energy
  7. Didgeman

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    In Multiplayer only the Host should Drive.
  8. Hi there, i made a Video how you can copy Flat Surface on other Places. Video is in German, my English insnt that great, put perhaps someone set and subtitle. Hope this Video is helpful for building your Base. Servus zusammen, hab mal nen Video gemacht in dem ich erkläre wie ihr Flächen auf beliebige Höhen duplizieren könnt um zB Treppenstufen zu bauen und sonstiges. Bei Fragen einfach melden, vielleicht kann ich noch Erklärungen hinzufügen
  9. Didgeman

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    There are many Syncronization Bugs with Vehicles. We now make that only the Host is the Driver
  10. Didgeman

    [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    Perhaps you can try invite some other player, and place explosiv on the habiat you are stuck.
  11. Didgeman

    Weird terrain glitch causing frame drops?

    Weired Terrain
  12. I think you have to put a battery on the rover too that it will Work like with the Big Solar Panel
  13. Didgeman

    [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    You Play on wich Platform? And where do you find the File?
  14. Didgeman

    [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    Damn, it got me too after more than 30 hours digging and building: Game over on this Map