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  1. Very cool idea, also interesting the mod support, will there be any? Steam workshop and such? Maybe in the future or even after release? +1
  2. Also adjusting the power would be pretty cool, sometimes i feel like it's too powerful and can't really control it. +1
  3. I'm getting really hyped the more I play this game and i was thinking : wouldn't it be cool to have some sort of skill progression/leveling up on your character thing? In my mind it would be just standard getting xp to allocate or even better getting more proficient in the things you do the most (aka Skyrim levelling), for example less ores needed to make a full stack after you mined a lot of them (nothing too powerful or game breaking), the skill tree would be accessible by pressing a button and a little console will pop out of your backpack just like the shaping tool. The "class" will be