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    Pushed down ground

    Happens on Xbox One also. Current Build for 2017/Feb/03
  2. Hey, If you attach the crane to a winch and pull it with a truck it can sometimes get stuck under the ground. I have recreated this so I could understand it better, it will only phase through if its upside down. the base of the crane stops it from fully disappearing. If you enter the crane while its underground then exit it you will start to float around underground. Current Xbox One version as of 2017/Feb/03 Cheers
  3. Arospo

    Loading screen

    Hey, The loading screen has a few issues. The star in the center isn't a a perfect circle and the orbit lines have a break in them. Cheers
  4. Backpack 2.0 My idea for a better Backpack. (On Xbox, I haven't played PC so I'm only speaking for console) Currently the backpack system is okay at best. Upon opening it you're greeted by a moving menu, Power cells and an oxygen tank at the top. I love the design, that's not why I'm making this post. I'm here because I hate the interface, the way you interact with the pack is atrocious, (no offence) there is no snapping into position, at any degree that helps. The bag will move around if your character, let's call him Marv, starts to move and there is nothing telling you how much of a resource is left. Lastly there is nothing telling you what an item is without hovering over it. Points to improve (Suggestions provided below) - Interaction - Indicator Bars/Numbers - Movement - Pack staying on screen Points to sustain (Suggestions Below) - Design - Size - Mini printer Points to improve suggestions Interaction So far the interaction with the backpack is slow, unreliable and hard to use. One way to improve this is to make interaction with it more like a menu. A menu that you would open and have the option to cursor over something but also have the ability to use the D-pad/arrow keys to navigate around. Using RT/Enter to select an item while using digital inputs (D-Pad/Arrow Keys) and RT/Left click while using Analog controls (Mouse/Right stick). Another note would be to add harsher snapping to items/buttons while on console, selecting an item on anything using a controller is difficult if you're only using analog inputs. On the subject of selecting items a text bar of what the item is would be a great addition. Nothing bright or fancy, just a small slightly transparent label of what the item is. This option could be turned on or off in the menus. Indicators Indicator bars on items would go a long way, it would give the player a more detailed representation of an items durability. This would be used on Oxygen and Power stored in one of the 8 compartments. Indicator Numbers could be added to the Oxygen tank and Power cell bar. Movement The backpack moves around when Marv moves around and to me this is a horrible thing, it kills the mood of the game when you just want to get an item but the pack continually moves around. The movement can also travel far enough that the words for the printer go off the screen or even the pack itself. Two suggestions here. 1) Restrict movement of the pack to the inner 25% of the display. 2) Make the pack stationary and moveable by the user. (Think your webpage window) Points to sustain Design The design of the 8 slot + 2 utility and printer pack is great, I love the way you guys made it. Size The size of the pack is great, I would not change it at all. Mini printer The printer makes traveling and exploring much easier and the game would almost be unplayable without it. I Tried uploading an example of indicators but it failed so i used dropbox instead What would a post be without a post script (PS) PS, On the main menu with the pods and the logo. The station has a VERY slow descent on it, I have had it open the whole time whole time I was typing this up and just looked back now to realize that my pods are way eaten by the bottom on my monitor. The buttons are completely gone.
  5. I can second this. I was trying to fix my landing zone and fell through the floor and died. Xbox One S, Standard Controller, Canada, Pre-Alpha build: 0.2.10119.0 , With online connection.