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  1. space is the place

    The music

    OMG, yes, totally love the music. I saw the trailer for Astroneer on my phone and with the slightest faint of the music I decided to buy the game with the soundtrack to support the artist. Turns out it's one of my favorite ambient and electronica artists. Alternatively, if you don't like the music you could just turn it off in the settings instead of overreacting.
  2. space is the place

    Screenshots Megathread

    Found some early 2017 screenshots. Hiding under my rover: Janky winch going everywhere: Flying rover battery indicator: And my first solar install:
  3. space is the place

    Screenshots Megathread

    Alas, my plans for infinite power have been foiled again! ☹️
  4. space is the place

    Volcano, Thermal reactor.

    Geothermal was my idea. Unfortunately my infinite power scheme did not pan out.
  5. space is the place

    Being able to emote after dying

    LOL, thanks. That one is so funny. It's also still possible after falling.
  6. space is the place

    Being able to emote after dying

    Summary: - Steam - Able to emote after dying Description: I forgot about oxygen (again), died and pressed 1 and the character stood up and did the joy emote. Super funny, I guess not really a bug, but a feature, I guess? Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 7 64-bit CPU: Intel i7 4790K 4GHz GPU: GTX 1060 RAM: Crucial 2x4GB DDR3 3000MHz Drive: Samsung 850 Pro SSD 500GB
  7. space is the place

    "125" - February 16th, 2017

    How do we enable the sandboxing option in the experimental version?