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  1. I think a trade-off would be that different research items give different amounts of "points" towards an item. Spaceship, Truck, etc require (possibly) multiple research items. For each item you bring in, the item chosen is random, and points are applied to that schematic. High level items require more points to unlock - making high level items harder to get but also having the feeling of progression. New research pods you've never researched could give a large bonus to the point allocation, so in the early game you'd still unlock items fairly quickly. Bringing in duplicate items could either randomly advance other items by a small amount or give consumables (please make this a low percent chance). That way if I get a crappy spawn with lots of tomatos I can still use them, even if it's slower. I don't like having different categories if items, finding space research pods can be pretty difficult sometimes.
  2. Mgamerz

    "158" - May 5th, 2017

    Uh... this game has had 4 player coop since launch...?
  3. Or please at least make it an option to have the category system (like now) or just get new stuff from every new item. Last night I played for like 6 HOURS and I never got a habitat, space shuttle/ship, or battery equipment. I had like 10 lithium. I play games for fun, and this new research system is just so tedious and not fun. I get that it makes you attempt to explore but when I don't get anything that LETS me explore I just feel like quitting. I researched like 60 items and got literally everything except what I need to explore and set up new bases. Ever since the new research method it takes so long to get research that I quit because the framerate becomes too low to continue playing (less than 10) by the time I get anything useful. Even when I get a spaceship, going to another planet is like 90% failure rate in a group as they can't see anything I put down (as host). We've played off and on for like 5 months and we have never once been able to explore tundra/arid/radiated.
  4. Mgamerz

    Move Multiplayer to Azure Gaming Cloud

    The game currently is p2p, which is essentially free. Azure is not free. For a start-up working on their first game, having dedicated servers is probably not their highest priority. That said they do want dedicated servers at some point.
  5. Is it the loud short static noise that gets louder and louder and then stops for a bit? I notice when I get to about 6fps or lower this noise starts to play and it pretty much makes it impossible to continue because its so loud and annoying. Coupled with the low FPS it's pretty much the indicator that the save is toast. This was on 119, I haven't had low enough FPS to trigger it again.
  6. Mgamerz

    "125" - February 16th, 2017

    By sandboxing they mean that stable will not load experimental and experimental will not load stable saves. They're in a 'sandbox'.
  7. That'd be cool. I think there should be some power degredation over tethers, like each tether that is crossed for power makes the incoming power lose like .025%
  8. Every time I use the trade station the ship flies away and never returns. I never use it anymore because it just wastes my time
  9. Mgamerz

    "125" - February 16th, 2017

    What changed since patch 123? 123 had a ton of MP save crashing. Hoping the can't spawn or see objects on other planets in MP gets fixed as we can't explore radiated, tundra, or arid as a group since nobody but the host can see plants or put tethers. Performance is significantly better but still gets bad as host after you build a couple of bridges between mountains.
  10. Mgamerz

    Flying engine?

    That's the thruster, it's been there for a while but it isn't finished.
  11. I know we obviously don't have the debugging symbols to see the call stack, but the crash dialog seems to imply the crash is going to epic games. I'm wondering if it's worth it to send the crash reports at all if it's going to epic and not SES.
  12. Unable to join my friends game. He can land and everything is fine but as soon as I join the session he crashes. His specs: Intel i7 5820K Nvidia 980Ti x2 (SLI) 32GB RAM Windows 10 1511 We are able to play on the mainline branch but not this one. It did this 3 times in a row. I left him play, save, and then restart, and now it works. At least, until I can press the mouse button to select my character (so far) Additionally I am getting big frame drops as I pan the camera. This happened on the previous build but it happens here too but it's a lot less. i7 6100 GTX 1060 3GB Windows 10 1607 8GB RAM On the previous build I edited one of unrealscript inis and disabled motion blur which seemed to fix the issue.
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing an escalator (like a manufacturing line belt) that could carry resources or research up or down on a slope automatically. I am unsure how it would work (attach, and it auto detached at the top? Not sure). When I find lots of research underground carrying it can be pretty slow and tedious, especially if there is no truck entry (and trucks wig out off host). Alternatively, an elevator shaft that one could ride up or down would work pretty cool too for both a sky/spacebase or a planetary core base. Just some thoughts.