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  1. So I started off a world on my laptop, and brought it to my Xbox one. Everything was working perfectly fine, but then maybe 2 days later, no platforms were accepting energy and my base wasn't making energy anymore. I tried to make something on the printer but the option to "use" was gone. I even had 2 small solar panels attached to it and a small wind turbine, but they wouldn't do anything to the printer. Not even putting a small generator did anything when I activated it and put it on the platform. My world is useless now because it can't do anything, someone please help me.
  2. Me and my friends were playing online, 3 total including me. We came to Tundra, where me and the host previously started establishing a base. But once we all got there the second time, we couldn't see the base, but the host could. Sometimes if you teraform in a certain area where there was change to the physical planet, it'll go back to how it was previously, but the planet, as a whole, was in the original setting. If that could be fixed, that would be great. A side note that I would love to see is that you could choose what planet you land on, if a base has been established there. That is the the people joining in on the hosts game. Maybe make it so the host has the approve of it if that's an issue? It's just so annoying because if you try to leave the game to reset the land to how it should be, you're sent back to Terran and you gotta fly back, which often doesn't help anything because it resets the planet back to being basic. Please fix this, I hate it so much.